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Go Torch portable CNC table

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    Thanks for the replies guys.


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      What out for what they don't tell you

      I just purchased a Go Torch two weeks ago and thou the machine is very well built and easy to use. What they don't tell you that you can only import images with the software that comes with it. It you want to be able to draw then that's another $998.00 upgrade for basic software..then if you want advanced software that's another $998.00 upgrade. Then if you want basic height control that's another $998.00, then advanced height control. Every upgrade, which is 6 total, each one is $998.00. So if you get all the upgrades that almost $6000.00 plus the $2995.00 for the machine. It's a little dis leading when the website says it comes with state of the apart designEdge software. It does but you'll have to pay extra just to be able to use it. And you only get one seat license, if you what another seat for other computers, that $495.00 each. So be careful when you buy, expect to pay a lot more then just the $2995.00 before you can really use it.


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        I have had one for years. I did eventually get height control and custom table size and am considering a DE upgrade this year. I have been drawing on the old 3.11 software, which can be had on the web for free.
        The machine didn't become useful until the height control and custom size table upgrades. I am running 2x4 now, but plan to make it 4x4 sometime soon.