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Upgrade torch for the Sycn. 200

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  • Upgrade torch for the Sycn. 200

    I'm using the WP-17 that came with the machine which I understand is limited to 150 amps. Occasionally I need the extra 50 amps up to 200 amps. Since I don't want to damage the torch, can anyone recommend an upgrade whether it be Weldcraft or CK that would give me that extra 50 amps without going water cooled? I'll need the extra amps for AC Aluminum. It's impractical and penny unwise for me to buy a water cooler.

    By the way, this is one nice machine. Suits my needs well.

    PS typo in the title. Meant " Sync 200 " for Syncrowave 200
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    You can, but you will need an adapter from the WP17 to a WP26.


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      I have a coolmate 4 and a 25' #20 water torch for sale.. I used this with my sync 200, I am selling the welder so I don't need the cooler and torch anymore.

      If your interested pm me
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        You should get a cooler and water cooled torch.


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          I agree a water cooled torch is the way to go, It doesn't lend itself to portability but then again neither does the syncrowave machines.

          I love the size of the smaller #20 torch.

          the coolmate 4 s rated at like 600 amps, so it will keep a sync 200 torch plenty cool.

          hit me up and we'll talk


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            Ratings and duty cycles

            I used to think like you did, that if I ran the torch over 150 amps I would ruin it. But if you look at the actual rating on the WP17 torch vs the Sync. 200 rating, they are pretty well matched, which makes sense. The Sync 200 is rated at 150 amps at 40% duty cycle, and the WP17 torch is rated at 125 amps AC at 60% duty cycle. The Sync 200 is rated at 125 amps at 60% duty cycle, just like the WP17 torch. At 200 amps, the Sync 200 is rated for 20% duty cycle. As you get close to 200 amps, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting around while the welder and the torch cool. I think that if you are careful you should not burn up a WP17 torch. If the torch gets hot set it down and take a break. If you tap the pedal without welding you will get a burst of cooling gas through the torch, in case you get impatient. Or just run compressed air through the torch. If you get a big torch to run 200 amps then you may find you are having thermal shutdown with the welder.

            I went the other way on my Sync 200, I use a CK9 torch most of the time. It is a smaller air cooled torch, same size as the WP-20 water cooled torch, rated for 125 Amps AC at 100% duty cycle. So on paper, it will carry more power than the WP17. I have run my Sync 200 with my WP17 torch at 200 amps, but not for any length of time.

            By the way, Tig Depot was very good to deal with on the CK9 torch, and I am sure that they would sell you a WP-26 at a reasonable price if you felt you needed it. I bought a complete setup, cable, DIN connector, etc, so I can quickly switch torches. The smaller torch also has a lighter super-flex cable, very nice.

            The other question is how often you really use the full 200 amps. You might have the dial turned to 200 amps but only have the pedal floored for a short time. If you are running 200 amps a lot then you have the wrong welder, in my opinion.

            I would be interested in hearing if anybody with a Sync 200 has burned up their WP17 torch, or do they just set it down when it gets hot. I confess that I usually TIG weld around 100 amps, plus or minus.

            My two cents.


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              Richard, your post is worth much more than .02 cents worth. The duty cycle match between the machine and the torch pretty well convinced me to stick with what I have. When the torch starts getting a little too hot, give it a rest. If the aluminum is too heavy, I'll use my spool-gun with the MM252.
              It would be nice to have a machine that could run 250 amps at 60% duty cycle, but that would take some major changes in my garage electrical anyway. Most of the aluminum projects I have are light weight stuff.
              Thanks for everyone's input.


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                I've been welding 0.145" wall aluminum pipe on 160+ amps AC for over a year using the WP17 torch that came with my 200. The torch definitely gets hot; I wear a thicker glove on the torch hand versus the filler hand to compensate. My torch hasn't melted or malfunctioned yet.

                Maybe it's time to graduate into a water-cooled system.


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                  I have a sync 200 and I normally weld on solid 316 stainless which is machined into large valves and pipe with a 1" to 2" wall thickness. I regularly run my machine at 160 to 200 amps and run it until the lead starts to get hot on my leg. I have only overheated two or three times and now I guage that on the temperature of the torch lead. I have issues with my collets getting to hot and twisting up. I should upgrade to a bigger machine, but just haven't worried about it yet. I recently used a lincoln precision tig for the same stainless valve, and it seemed to have a much shorter duty cycle.


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