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Suitcase 12VS feed speed problem

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  • Suitcase 12VS feed speed problem

    Hi everyone i just picked up a Miller Suitcase 12vs and i am having problems with the wire feed speed it will go from 100 to 780 inches per minute in about an 1/8th of an inch of rotation in the knob i have taken it to a Miller rep. and they have told me the PC1 board needed to be replaced so i replaced it and still the same then i replaced the meter board also and still the same thing i have also replaced the "pot" and still nothing. i am at a loss please if anyone has info i am up for any ideas.
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    Ever think of taking it into a repair shop FIRST instead of replacing lots of useless parts. Because of this, perhaps someone else can help you.

    Just out of curiousity, when you disconnect the gun trigger from the feeder, does the feeder adjust normally?


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      It was taken to a miller repair/sales representative first before anything was replaced they diagnosed it with needing a PC1 board only after that is when parts were replaced and it does it with or without gun attached and disconnected


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        A sales rep doesn't have a clue, A real service shop has a test board to see if your board is gone. So a Repair shop telling you that the board is shot, sounds kinda odd. Plus you would have been billed for that time.


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          It did go to a miller Repair shop and I was billed for the hour of diagnosis at $65 an hour


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            Buyer beware. Doesn't anyone take used equipment from a stranger for a test drive before they hand over large sums of money. This is about the third thread this week I've read where a buyer of used equipment has been taken. It's being sold for a reason is how I look at it.


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              I know the risk of buying used equipment I am not looking for criticism I am just trying to get a liyyle help as to what might be wrong


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                Just so its known the problem has been resolved


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                  Originally posted by CNEwelding View Post
                  Just so its known the problem has been resolved
                  Well, What was the problem ?

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                    the problem ended up being a problem with the rheostat/potentiometer the one on the original meter board was a 10k ohm pot i found the company that made the pot ordered one and replaced just that nothing so i ordered a whole new meter board didnt do anything i went to the electronics store and got a 5k ohm pot and it got better so i wet back and got a 250 ohm pot and installed it a perfecto working like a charm now.