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looking to getting into pipeline

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  • looking to getting into pipeline

    I'm looking to getting into the pipeline work, my uncle recommended me to getting a Lincoln sa 200 older model what do y'all think?do y'all agree or disagree and around what's tha price range for a diesel

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    looking to getting into pipeline

    No one knows ?


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      Too many variables, you didn't say you were a journeyman welder, Have you any training. Nobody uses SA200's here, Can hardly give them away. And to rig up will cost you around $50K for the basics.


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        looking to getting into pipeline

        i think most guys run a lincoln diesel 200 most sometimes company furnishes deisel and you wont have to fill up near as much, most guys will
        tell you just go buy a new machine 9-12k its not worth gettin a used one unless you find the right one


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          Your Uncle is right. In the US (and I see you're in Houston), as mainline construction is done here, you can't go wrong with an older gas SA-200.
          That's still the most common machine used on transmission lines.
          Good used models are pretty affordable, and easy to work on. They still have the best arc characteristics for DH cellulose pipe welding at high speed. Resale value is always there when you decide to go another route.

          The other machines you'll see on the ROW are 300D's, "some" SA-250's, Miller PipePros and some Vantages. The old 200 has advantages over all of them.

          If you're working enough that fuel cost gets to be a factor you'll likely have formed an opinion on what other machine you want and can then resell the 200 for what it cost you. Or maybe decide that fuel cost is something you can live happily with.

          But it's the best machine to start with.

          Lincoln has had a lot of problems with the diesel 200's, some are reliable and weld nice but some have problems. Any year gas 200 can usually be tuned to keep up in the firing line without working the welder to death.

          What they call pipelining in Canada is a different world than what Americans do on the ROW.


          I should add that what some people in the US call pipelining (that is distribution work and oil field gathering systems) are a lot different than mainline construction. But even in those fields a reliable 200 is still the best starting out machine.
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            If your just starting out a Trailblazer or a Ranger will weld pipe just fine, but if you have the money my choice would be a 350 pipepro or maybe vantage.


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              looking to getting into pipeline

              Yes I am certified right now I work for a company we mostly do pipe and structural welding just looking to get into something that pays more but I don't know if its even worth it as I'm making 28/hr + per diem


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                If I had to pack a lunch I would start with a 200 if it was humanly possible or acceptable. A thrifty shopper and a can of paint could get into it for a grand in to the machine and look like you did it every day.

                I bought this in with some other stuff, I dont usually do so on spec as I already have one I dont use now but it was easy. Was thinking I might give it a squirt of paint, if I sell it great, can store it with a new paint job too until the market changes a bit. Not going to "restore", a simple clean and shoot. It runs good, has a low hour engine.

                Jt,, what is the demand for equipment? Havnt been paying any attn to gas/oil construction etc.
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                  Well, your going to need a 1ton or at min a 3/4 ton 4x4. Your going to ned a skid unit with toolboxes, with a drop down work table & vice, cable wraps or rolls, a quantity of pipestands, bevelers, oxy acet, or oxy propane torches and hose, grinders, a couple hundred ft of 2/0 welding cable, and other equipment, Your also going to need around 5 million contractors insurance. And of course you'll need a certified welder & remote for that welder.

                  Now I don't know what you fellas get payed down there, but we are averaging $100/hr full supply + LOA + travel


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                    Originally posted by JTMcC View Post

                    What they call pipelining in Canada is a different world than what Americans do on the ROW.

                    What's the difference


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                      looking to getting into pipeline

                      Thanks everyone for the advise


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