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MAXSTAR 300LX error code HELP-13

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  • MAXSTAR 300LX error code HELP-13

    Hello All,
    I just purchased a used as-is Miller Maxstar 300 LX, serial# LE471166 and on plugging in I got an ERROR CODE HELP 13.
    so after downloading Miller 300LX manual, cause is interruption to weld output, but gas flow continues.
    very cryptic diagnosis, with no recommendation to contact Miller services rep for repairs or how to troubleshoot i.e. wait for machine to cool down etc.

    none of the buttons work, or control knob for varying weld amps, and only 3 button leds light up.
    Has anybody experienced this problem Error Help-13 before?
    and checking with the older Miller maxstar manuals I have, this error code is specific to the LX models only

    i have an older Miller 300DX Maxstar inverter from 2001 still works fine with no issues.

    need some guidance here.

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    Thats cause the LX is an automated unit, so its looking for a "C" to "D" closure, (on the 10 pin amphenol) kinda like an emergency stop. Close those 2 pins , you should get the rest of it to work.


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      4-9. Automation Connection (LX Models)

      wow, thanks for the fast reply.

      ok so using your information I went to page 19 section 4-9 automation connection LX models and read this:

      C - Closure to D must be maintained at all times. If the closure between pins C and D is broken, an output disable occurs, Postflow begins to
      time out, and HELP 13 will be displayed on the meters.

      does this mean that I can connect a male pin jumper from female hole C (output disable) to female hole D (chassis ground) on the unit for the unit to work? using a 10 pin amphenol male connector of course.

      or do I have to use a CR1, a diode and a resistor with a user supplied power -up to 27 volts DC peak in series with the jumper?? 4-10 section Typical Application

      what is a CR1?
      and what's the difference between CR1 inside a circle and CR1 between parallel plates?



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        AS I said, merely jumper "C" & "D", Hlp 13 will go away, and you should have control....

        CR1 - Control Relay 1


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          Houston, we have Ignition..

          Thank you very much kind Sir!
          All the button leds light up when activated,
          Memory parameter input and recall work, so when I get Argon
          Supply refill tomorrow will be able to put
          This workhorse through it's paces.
          The jumper pins took some time to locate

          Keep you posted