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Fit of gas lens into insulator?

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    That is strange. I will measure the lengths of my gas lens bodies and post the results. Just another idea... have you tried a different collet and/or a different back cap? I had a button back cap for my WP9 in which the brass threaded part was drilled out a little too far. It would not press the collet to hold the tungsten. I will also measure some collets and post those results also.



    Rather than post all the raw data let me report what I think may be of significance.

    One Weldcraft and one CK Worldwide (my entire stock of name brand items) have a copper stem measuring 1.273" from the back of the brass (where it is flat, no taper) to the end of the copper threads. My generics from weldingcity and Barren Welding (also on ebay) range from 1.11" - 1.17" along the stem. Again ignoring the taper. So they are about 1/10" shorter in the stem than the name brand. A sampling of collets (of unknown parentage) varied by about .030" min to max.

    Even though TIG is thought of as a precision welding process it appears that the consumables are anything but precise. If you have a lathe go ahead and trim off the brass taper. I don't see that it could do any harm. At most $3 lost.
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      Taper made smaller

      I turned the taper to a smaller diameter on one of the gas lenses. Now the lens seats more deeply into the 54N01 insulator and the collet holds the tungsten. In the photo below, the lens on the bottom has had the taper turned to a smaller diameter.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	06 Comparison of gas lenses after turning the taper smaller on lower one (Large).jpg
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      I hadn't thought about trying different collets. I don't have very many, so I don't know If I have any that are longer and might work with the unaltered gas lenses.
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        Looks good. I documented my process for inserting a picture and posted it here: