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Super excited!

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  • Super excited!

    So I know this wont mean much to most of y'all, but I finally made my slag stand up for the entire weld. I've made it stand up before but this was the first time it stood up along the whole weld all in one piece (about 8"). PLUS my new autodarkening helmet will be here between tomorrow and next Monday. Just wanted to share my excitement with y'all
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    Nice to read you're so enthused about the welding profession. Looks like you got the heat and travel speed down, keep runing beads and Good luck with your welding and new hood.


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      Super excited!

      Thank you! I'm pretty new to it, only been doing it for about a month and a half or so but I'm hooked!


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        If you become discouraged about your welding progress just take a brake from it. It's not good to become aggrivated to the point of swearing and throwing your new helmut. I can remember how upset I became at myself when I had to weld in real world conditions not the conditions I had in welding school. But I got lucky and was buddied up with an experienced old hand, his mentoring and patience with me made a night and day difference in my welding. He became my best friend. When you are ready if you can get someone good to show you how to weld out of position you'll benifit tremendously. Good luck with your welding.


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          If you think its exciting now, wait until you start making money.
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            Super excited!

            I bet it's more exciting! And so far I haven't gotten that mad, just a little frustrated but I just keep trying so that ill get it right. But ill make sure I don't throw my new helmet! Haha and I can't wait to start makin money doin it, that'll just make it even better!


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              Be carefull before you do work for people, make sure your qualified.

              Stay away from welding on any kind of tanks, drums and vehicle hitches until you get some welding wiskers. You could lose your life or everything you have over a $25 dollar repair after a customer's insurance companys' lawyers get involved.

              I read a high school metal shop student decided he would use a 55 gallon drum that had contained mint oil for his grill project. Evidently he and the shop teacher didn't think mint oil was explosive. The drum blew up and killed the student. You never know for sure what was in them, never take anyones word....even a brand new drum or tank I would check for gasses that may have gotten inside somehow. New guys shouldn't even attempt such work.

              Same O same O when welding or burning on pipes, especially ones in plants painted green. My friend was told by a plant supervisor on a shut down to cut down an oxygen line that was still live. He being an experienced hand checked the line for himself and found the line was still in use....

              You have to know what is or was going through pipes as well, and make sure the line is turned off and there are no other lines tied into it yourself.... before you commence to work on them.

              Same with steam, you could have another line between valves presurizing the line your working on. You also could be unlucky and have steam trapped between valves. If you're ever asked to remove flange bolts or blinds on a steam line always lightly feel the line with the back of your hand to see if it's hot.

              Just sayin' there is way more to welding when you start welding for money than firing up a rod and laying down a perfect bead.


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                Super excited!

                Oh yeah, I'm definitely not going to be welding on any tanks or drums. I don't have welder at home so I can't really experiment with things anyway. And thank you for all of the advice, I never really thought about it that things could've been in a barrel originally that could've been harmful even if what's in it now isn't harmful. And I bet it is a lot different, I've really got to make sure to be safe while doing it, I'd like to keep welding for many years to come but won't be able to do that if it kills me first! Thanks for all the advice!


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                  You sound like an intelligent person Hunter, I think you'll be fine. Just use common sense and get answers to your questions before you start working on a project that you're unsure about. Better to be safe than sorry.


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                    Super excited!

                    Thank you! And I'm gonna take your advice for sure. I always try to make sure I know that everything is safe before I start working on something. Id rather take a couple minutes to do that, then spend a few months in the hospital recovering from an injury.


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                      Tackit is right about getting frustrated. I got very discouraged when I went into the field and had to work in less than favorable conditions. All in all you learn more and more. I am glad I stuck with it and had some very kind co workers to help me along. As of now I love what I do and hope to stay in this trade for as long as it will have me.


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                        Super excited!

                        I know that it will be different once I start actually working, but I think I can make it through it. I'd love to learn more and more and become better as I get older. It seems like a very rewarding career especially if you have good coworkers to work with everyday


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