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miller suitcase extreme need advice

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  • miller suitcase extreme need advice

    I recently bought a miller suitcase extreme 12 vs im planing on doing a lot of welding on trailers about 3/16 -3/8 thick and other projects mostly having to do with 1/4 -1/2 inch steel my question is I have a .35 spool and running c25 do y'all think that's a good combination (by the way I'm running the suitcase of my bobcat on cv power ) any input is much appreciated it

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    Are you going to be in a shop or outside? If outside I would look into an innershield wire.

    I usually only run .035 on 1/4" & thinner material. Next step would be .045.


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      I will second that question by MMW. If you are gonna be outdoors running an outershield wire, especially a c25 wire, you are gonna have to use ALOT of gas to maintain coverage in outdoor conditions. And c25 can get expensive.

      If you are gonna have to be outside, as MMW suggested, look into the innershield wires. If they will work for your applications, you might wanna use that. If you are not comfortable running innershield, it does run different than outershield, I would suggest an outershield wire that is used with 100% co2. That is much less expensive than bottles of c25.

      And the .035 or the .045 size is acceptable for your applications.
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        miller suitcase extreme need advice

        I'm going to be welding inside my garage I was just kind if worried about the .35 wire not been able to handle that kind of thickness, so do y'all suggest me running c02 with the .35 hardwire(kind of getting tired of cleaning up all the splatter from the inner shield flux core and thanks for you inputs


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          Hard wire with c25 will have least amount if spatter. At least in my experience.


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            I run c-10 gas and tri-mark .045 metal core in mine. It welds very smooth with very little splatter. It's very easy to tune in as well for thin or your thicker materials


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              Sorry about that juancarlos20121'

              I assumed you were using a flux-cored wire. I have always had good luck with the 75/25 and solid wire. Since you will be indoors, I would stick with that. You might also pick up a roll of .045 and give it a try. That way you will have both just incase. But I think you would do just fine with the .035


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                miller suitcase extreme need advice

                Thanks everyone for the comments


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                  I use 212 .045 wire inner shield, i don't notice any spatter. Haven't really paid any mind, but i use on hand rail. Running it out of ln 25 and tb 302


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