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  • New vs Used

    I have been window shopping for a few months now. I've been looking at engine driven welders so I can be mobile. I can weld all processes. So my question is if you were to buy a engine driven machine, would you go new or used. My thought was that's if one were to buy used it's possible to purchase another's hidden problem thus leaving you with it. As to the new machine you get a warranty. Also would you go diesel or gas?


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    My thoughts also. I have been looking at both but when you see so many that just look like they been through the ringer and people want 2/3's the cost of new, then I just can't see it.

    I have even seen old beaters for the same price as new. Trailers also, some folk think their faded trailer is worth more than the new trailers.

    I'll buy new whenever possible.


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      It all depends on the deal & how bad you need it. When my current welder blows up I will buy new on the same day because I need it. In the mean time if I find a smokin deal on a low hour used machine I'll buy it on the spot. I haven't found a good used deal yet but keeping my eyes open. Your right about people wanting a mint for a high hour used machine. I don't get it. Either they sit on it forever or some sucker buys it because they think they need it.

      Depending what your welding don't discount an older well taken care of small unit. Miller Blue Star, etc. You can run 1/8" all day long & be making money. Sure your not going to be doing big buckets etc. but for little stuff it's fine.


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        The deisel vs. gas question? How much will you be actually using the machine? It will take a long time to payback the added price of a new deisel. Just starting out you don't even know what kind of work, who your customers are? Buy gas it's cheaper up front. Again you don't need the biggest & best to start & make money. The lower your overhead the less you have to make to break even.


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          I would buy used if I liked the way a machine looked and sounded and the owner would be willing to take the machine to a service center and I pay to have it checked out. If any repairs are needed there should be an adjustment made to the asking price, you get a reliable welder that way. Other wise you puts down your money and you takes your chances. I would go gas. I hate the way diesel stinks, get it on you and you smell all day from it. Paying thousands extra for a diesel don't make sense to me unless you have a steady good paying gig or need the higher amps.


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            I buy brand new, 300 amp and below machines, gas motors, I will not pay a premium for a diesel. The electronics will fail far before the engine does, I can buy a wood-splitter engine much cheaper without a welder attached to it.

            I have had pretty good luck buying used big-amp diesels from the rental outfits, one just has to determine his price and stick to it.


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              If money isn't a issue buy new. Your location will vary as to pricing. Miller sellers seem to try to get NEW prices for their machines.
              Deals are out there but you can't wait. I got my 302 TRAILBLAZER, 2 years old ,200 hours, 100' of cable, stinger and ground for $2000.00. I found it on craigs list, called that day, and bought it CASH in hand. He wanted $2500.00 but liked the cash looked. SOLD
              Depending on your climate gas / diesel may make a difference. I would still go with gasoline over diesel. If you are gonna run 8 hrs a day 5 days a week diesel maybe considered.



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                New Tb325 or my barely used TB 302 so i can get a new TB325.


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                  the good thing about buying one used is you can usually get all the add ons with the machine. Like a trailer and leads. don't forget to factor in a good set of leads with disconnects.


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                    New or used depends on what's available used and how much time you have to look. I've bought used machines with great success and I've bought new ones too. On the new machines I've only had one instance of needing warranty work.
                    It's like buying a truck, if the market's full of good used trucks at a good price I'll buy one. If it's not I won't.
                    Time is a large factor, If you have time to wait out a good solid used deal that's always the best bet $ wise. If you're in a time bind you buy what you need now.
                    The larger engine drive welding machines will work for a long time.
                    Diesel always beats gas for me, fill it up every day and it will for you too. Fill it up every couple weeks and I guess you need to put the pencil to it. Full size diesel drive machines will work hard for a long long time with only basic maintenance costs.
                    I have no clue on the small lawn mower type gas engines but they are out of place in a heavy welding environment.

                    So it's like everything else, figure your need and buy to it.



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