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Bobcat 250

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  • Bobcat 250

    Looking at buying a used engine drive. Can't find specs on the older welders and don't know how old they are by looking at a photo.

    Could someone tell me about this one? I would like to know the weight, the new weights are listed as lighter and smaller.

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    Have you looked at miller site on manuals should give all the specs
    this is with the Subaru engine it should give the specs
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      The one in the post has a kohler engine, your link shows 562lbs where the new 250 is 501lbs so I think your link is the correct one. How in the world they could drop 61lbs, I don't know.

      Looks like both engine machines weigh the same. Gesh that's heavy. The new 225 is 480lbs. Actually that's the one I want, 225. due to its size and weight. But if the used 250 turns out to be a good deal I sure would like it.

      Thanks for the link, I couldn't find it for some reason, I was only finding the new model specs.


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        It's under resources I just picked one of the units I didn't know the motor


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          Here's MILLER chart using serial number to determine year of machine

          Here's the manual site when you know serial number.


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            If your worried about weight don't forget to add fuel & oil plus leads & rods. You could be adding another 200# easily.


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              Just called to try and get the SSN, got voice mail. thanks for the links.

              Yea, I am worried about weight somewhat. Thats why I was liking the new 225. I'm planning on going with an enclosed trailer with a 3500lb axle. But for now I don't have it.

              It is a question of what to buy first, the trailer or the welder. There are trailers everywhere, I wanted to get that first so I could be setting it up until I found a good deal on a welder.


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                If you are going to use a trailer look for tandem axle. You will be happier in the long run. I have a 6x12 enclosed & I was running consistantly at 3500-3700#. I always worried until I added a second axle. Now I don't think twice when I hit an unexpected bump/pothole in the road.


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                  I had an enclosed trailer with a 3500 pound axle and with all my stuff in it I was at 3800 I switched it to a 6,000 pound axle and cut out the tounge and reinforced it. That thing pulled 200% better after the new axle and I wasn't near affraid on a bumpy road with the 6 lug axle and 15 inch 2500 pound rated tires you couldnt tell the trailer was loaded up as much as it was. I used it for 2 years before selling it Very nice to all have all the equipment dry and out of the weather.


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                    I know you guys are right about trailer size, weight and such. I would like to have a larger trailer but room around here is limited.

                    I'm going out on a limb just rigging up. My best shot at doing mobile welding maybe years away so for now I need to push forward with the idea but not break the bank and run out of room.

                    Just seen a Miller pop up. 0 interest for 12 months, better go read about that.

                    Well that was BS. 10,000 mininum purchase. 100 processing fee. 833.00 a month payment. I guess thats for the big boys only.
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                      You may have to do what gmmandan above did. Find a trailer in the size range you want, and if it has a 3500# axle under it, upgrade it to a 6000# axle. It can get to be tough to keep the weight down when you are getting rigged up and can't account for what everything is going to scale out at in the end. Not to mention if your total tooling weight exceeds what the trailer is rated for and you have to pick and choose what to take and what to leave behind when going out on a job. You will invariably run across a situation where you will be needing something you elected to leave behind to reduce weight. Then you may have to make another trip home to get said tool that you at first didn't think you were going to need. You may also need to carry material for the job on the trailer, thus reducing the amount of tooling can take with you. So I think it would be better to have a trailer rated for considerably more weight than just your basic needs for a job. That gives you more wiggle room when it comes time to add more tools to your set up in the future over what you think you need at the present time. A tandem axle trailer may be worth considering now, so you have more capacity built in from the start rather than having to upgrade in a year or two as your operations expand(hopefully in the future). So don't limit yourself to the 3500# weight rating right from the start without considering what your needs may be in the future. A heavy capacity trailer can carry a lighter load better than a light capacity trailer can carry a heavy load all the time. Just something to think about when trying to decide what trailer will fit your needs now and in the coming years.
                      Who knows, you may run across a good deal on a real good machine and have to pass on it because it would overload your light weight trailer that you didn't consider when trailer shopping.
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                        Bistineau. Thanks for the input. Seems even the larger single axle trailers are being built with 3500lb axles. Doesn't make much sense to me.


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