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    2 steps forward 1 step back. Added the gen set, then a 211, then had to take the generator back.

    Now I am lost in confusion about what to power the 211 with. There are concerns if a engine drive will power it correctly, let alone these generators.

    Clean power? Miller needs to come forward with something stating what can safely be used with the 211. You hear lots of opinions but no specs from Miller on it leaves a person guessing.

    I purchased the Ridgid 6800, with a 30amp 230v outlet. below 6% THD. Should work as I see it. Then I found it needed more than a gallon of gas to run without shutting down. So I'll just keep more gas in it.

    In doing so it ran great, welded an hour with it and the Dynasty. Then the auto idle stopped working. Well I don't need auto idle while welding but that works off a circuit board that probably controls a host of other functions and if it goes out in two hours, whats next?

    Then I noticed where the removable panel was put in, the plastic was stressed on one side. The grey color had a long white streak where the panel locks behind it.

    That's it, I'm taking it back.

    Now the question is what power will make the 211 portable? I am almost afraid to ask, the answer might be a lot more than just meeting the stated specs.

    Not many people are going to know the THD mystery and weld machines. While you would think a 75lb machine with MVP sounds pretty freaking portable.

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    Hard rock,

    Not sure I understand your post. Everything that went wrong was on the genset side NOT the MM211 side of the power problem.

    How is this a Miller problem?


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      Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post

      Clean power? Miller needs to come forward with something stating what can safely be used with the 211. You hear lots of opinions but no specs from Miller on .
      Q. Are Miller welder/generators suitable for electronics or appliances that are sensitive to voltage variations?
      A. Miller welder/generators, especially the Bobcat Series, deliver smooth power, not the “spiked” power of some other units. This means that Miller machines can run electronics sensitive to voltage variations, which may include furnace and A/C controls.

      There's no way they are going to recommend some other power source besides their own


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        find a better generator

        I have used my hobart 210 off a 6000watt Winco generator. They are made in USA. I am not sure if you can use the Miller at full power, but can easily weld 3/16" steel.
        6% THD is dirty power. I would definately want to plug in an analog volt meter into the outlet when the generator is under load and see how high the needle jumps. May have some 140volt spikes? Most digitals don't react fast enough.


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          Yea, my wording could suggest other things, I really like the 211. It's design and marketing lean towards portability. MVP and a carry handle would suggest that.
          Even one of the passports is the same machine in a different case.

          Before I waste more time and money on a power source, I would like to know what is an acceptable power source to run this welder on, I would like to hear this from Miller. I have requested this information.

          I don't want to damage my new baby. LOL

          I would love to have an engine drive machine. Probably will one day. But for now it is out of reach and too much weight.

          Sorry for rant on Ridgid, but the quality there just scares me a little.


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            Post # 6


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              I have a 302 TRAILBLAZER. The 302 specs in the 2010 catalog list it will run the Millermatics 212 and smaller, dynasty 200, and spectrum 875. This also holds true for the BOBCAT 225.
              I did read that when using a generator to power a welding machine to have generator on RUN constantly. You want full power to welder at all times. You DO NOT want it on idle and then will kick in when arc is started.


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                Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post

                That's Yorkie's second generator if I remember from another post he had a blue one.

                That Generac is an XG model, Generac actually suggest their XP line for sensitive electronics. I don't see a 211 there and maybe it's the 211 that is more in need of the low THD due to its build.

                I do like his rig, exactly what I want to do if my plant job goes under. I just doubt I could survive with only mobile welding. If I loose my job, then I'm going for it anyway.

                Trying to get set up before that happens. We are really hurting for orders and I am trying to make a plan. The plan cost a lot of money, if work picks up I'll have a great hobby. LOL

                Well I will stick with it to use as a retirement job in that case. I'll have to work until the end.


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