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    Have you ever been traveling on business or vacation and seen a piece of welding equipment that made you think "The guys at home have GOT to see this"?

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    I was in Rwanda last week and in addition to several open air welding shops (no PPE), I got an up close and personal view of this 240v SMAW transformer. It was being used for decorative iron work on a stair railing in a new building in Kigali, the national capital. It hummed and smoked, and made me more appreciative of my Dynasty 200DX.

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    Nothing welded, Nothing gained

    Miller Dynasty700DX
    3 ea. Miller Dynasty350DX
    Miller Dynasty200DX
    ThermalArc 400 GTSW
    MillerMatic200 with spoolgun
    Lincoln SP-170T
    Linde UCC305 (sold 2011)
    Hypertherm 1250
    Hypertherm 800
    PlasmaCam CNC cutter
    Fadal Toolroom CNC Mill
    SiberHegner CNC Mill
    2 ea. Bridgeport
    LeBlond 15" Lathe
    Haberle 18" Cold Saw
    Doringer 14" Cold Saw
    6 foot x 12 foot Mojave granite


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      Oh boy that's something


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        Mean while in American I get a fine because my extension cord has electrical tape covering up a chafe mark and my ladders are thrown off the job because my labels are faded and my safety harness is 3 months out of date but has been used less then a dozen times. HUMMMM
        Lincoln Vantage Kubota diesel 30 amp spool gun , Hobart 210 with spool gun, Thermal dynamic pak master 75, miller 304xmt all mobile all ready to go.


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          Nikola Tesla did crazier stuff than that, like blowing holes in the heels of his shoes form the force of the arc.
          Miller stuff:
          Dialarc 250 (1974)
          Syncrowave 250 (1992)
          Spot welder (Dayton badged)


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            Gmmandan; just for you, here's an extension cord from the same jobsite. No electrical tape necessary.

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            The ends of the 12ga wire were stripped 1/2" and stuck into a wall socket.