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  • OT Question

    I would like to get a simple camera that can be connected to the internet but I don't want to leave my computer on all day that I can view my property on my smart phone. I have high speed cable. Anyone have one of these. If so, what model, how well does it work, and where did you get it. I don't really need to record anything.

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    OT Question

    Go to Simple and easy, but it takes some time to set it up. Catches me every time I forget to turn it off.


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      I wasn't really concerned about door locks, motion sensors etc..just a camera. I was hoping to not have to pay a monthly fee.


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        IP camera

        google: "IP camera" IP = internet protocol

        this type of camera will plug into your router.

        You can look through the camera on your pc, internet or smart phone.
        Make sure you get one you can password otherwise everyone can look through the camera.

        within this style of camera there is different image quality, ie you get what you pay for.

        This type of set up can be wired or wireless (the connection to the router)

        hope this helps

        If I listed all my tools, you guys would just cry.

        edit: other than your high speed that you already have there is no monthly fee, you own it!
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          I see that I am full member now (not junior)

          aren't you guys supposed to buy me a beer or something?

          Maybe this should be it's own topic, it might yield! more beer


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            Update........I decided to get the Dropcam unit and have to say I am really impressed. First, it is very easy to set up but I had a problem. I had no idea what the password was on the wireless router since it is a secure network. I guessed everything I could think of but still no good. Finally I googled how to retrieve the password on my router. A guy had posted and I used his suggestion and within minutes I was online.
            Camera...the camera is much better than what I had expected. The color is fine and accurate contrary to what some have said on youtube. The night vision works fine in the room I have it in. Also better than some have lead me to believe. It has a wide field of view but not bad like a fish eye look. Just about right.
            The DVR service is nice also and seems to work well although you dont have to pay for that to use your cam. I think I will pay the $99 for the year service. That's less than $0.30 per day to be able to view what has happened while you were gone and save the video clips to your computer if you want. Important if you had a break in etc. I have it set up for motion dectection and it works well. You can also have it sound activated. It sends alerts to my cell and my email upon any motion in the area. I had no idea how many times my three Chows move around and use the dog door in a short time. Last night I was laying on the sofa watching tv and got up to relieve myself. I wasn't gone more than a minute and received an alert on my cell phone. Turns out as soon as I had left the room, my black Chow had jumped on the sofa to lay down and when he heard me coming back, he got off the sofa and shot out the dog door. I looked at the alert video and saw all of it happen before I came back including me coming back into the room. . Kind of funny to me.
            Well, I say it's a keeper. I may get another.

            BTW. The unit is an indoor camera and really not meant to be exposed to outside elements. Temp range of operation is 32-95 degrees F. I believe they are working on an outdoor version. That will be nice.
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