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I need a good welder.

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  • I need a good welder.

    I just got a job at a fab shop a few months ago, and I found I love to weld. I had never done it before and they trained me up and sete in front of a huge pipe project and said go and I haven't looked back yet. I really want a good tig welder for at home to do some side jobs or just general repare. Mostly automotive and ag related jobs. I would like a miller because they are great machines and I use the MM200 at work, but the prices are a little to hefty for my budget. Also looked at an everlast but I still really want a miller. I actually just got their digital elite shield for Christmas, talk about awesome. Any thoughts?

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    Personal experience.
    Stay away from everlast. Bad build quality in my opinion. Had problems from the first day it arrived. Something broke or came loose daily. And my reason for the purchase was to save a few hundred.
    I made a youtube review. Look it up.
    I came back to miller bought a 211 & have been very satisfied no issues.
    Local service and supplies here in town.


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      Check out thermal arc. They are related to thermal dynamics and I think both are under the victor family. Good warranty and would be a good stepping stone to a shop full of blue! What kind of Fab work? What processes are you familiar with? What process capability do you want at home? The TA fabricator series might be a good starting point. My local air gas thinks it is an awesome machine. I'm actually looking at a TA 186 acdc tig until I can afford a dynasty.


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        save your money and get a Miller. What's your location ? Prices vary with location. Do you have craigs list in your area ? I got my 180SD Miller complete
        set up for $800.00 less tank.
        You could also look for a Miller thunderbolt or a Lincoln buzz box, AC/DC and get a tig setup for it.
        Some guys sell used and want as much as a new machine. Then there are some who just want to get rid of them. Takes time to find them.


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          If you search this board for Everlast, you'll find many comments about their products, not all of them positive...

          As to what alternatives, you could look at Hobart. They owned by the same company that owns Miller, have a good reputation, and they are less expensive. Also, Craig's list can be your friend (get any name brand in decent shape).

          Finally, you might be able to negotiate with a local dealer on the purchase of a new machine. You'll need to buy all the tanks/accessories/supplies/etc. If you do it as a package, they might be willing to give you a deal. When I bought my MM140 a few years ago, I needed to buy a gas tank, and I added some additional spools of wire, extra gloves, etc (none of which goes bad) and the final bill had a big discount on it ... it was as if I had bought all the extras at full list (which I would have done if I'd bought them one at a time, etc, etc) and got about 1/3 off on the machine.


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            I work with steel and stainless steel at work. We make custom skid systems. Some for pharmaceutical use and some for food processes. The uses for home use would be for making trailers and deer stands or anything else I need and I would also like to do repair jobs for farmers because I live out in the country and although most farmers have some form of stick welder not all do and sometimes I feel tig would be better.


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              From what you wrote I would suggest a mig welder with c-25 gas for some decent looking welds get your product/name out there. Then offer tig as an alternative $+.
              If money is an issue. Open a line of credit at your local dealer & Pay payments. It'll pay it self off before you realize.
              A Miller 211 will help you grow. Its my most used machine. I've ran close to 200# of wire. With no issue.


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                I've actually never mig welded before because my shop does a lot of pipe welding. We only use mig when welding up frames from square tube. I will learn eventually but I've heard it's easier than tig.


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                  If you can tig weld and you understand the concepts of welding, you should pick up mig pretty easy with the right direction. Do you want to tig weld aluminum with the welder your looking to purchase?


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                    What about stick? Is that easier?


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                      I don't stick weld much. I am almost always using mig for its speed since I am most comfortable with it. Like I said before, since you know how to tig weld, learning the other processes should come a little easier. You already know about your hand control, position over workpiece, etc works. Just gotta learn the basics of the other processes and practice.

                      From everything you have said it sounds like a multiprocess unit might be what you want. Mig, stick, and dc tig all in one. The multimatic 200 or thermal arc makes a couple. They have the option of a spool gun is you would like to mig aluminum.
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