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diesel or gas trucks ?

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  • diesel or gas trucks ?

    i was wondering if i should go with diesel or a gas pick up. I commute about 50 miles round trip on highway. I dont necessarily need a diesel but herd they get better fuel mileage on highway. I also want 4x4 but dont NEED 4x4 if you know what i mean. i really dont do pulling unless its in the summer pulling a mowing trailer. Just want some opinions and imput on them. thanks

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    Not really enough info to be able to give advice. But, diesels tend to be a bit more up front, but can pay off with fuel economy over time. New gas engines in the 1/2 tons can get pretty good gas mileage too compared to the years past. The more load to be carried the larger the benefit in fuel economy to the diesel also.
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      Stick with gas the diesel might be cheaper on fuel but repairs will kill you and if your not pulling anything over what a 1/2 ton truck can pull there is no need for extra head ache


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        diesel or gas trucks ?

        Dodge 2500 with a cummins


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          You have to change fuel filters more often for diesels. Fuel additives are recommended since the EPA took the sulphur out of the fuel. Also you are looking a lot more oil each time you change. I have a dirtymax and it takes the least amount of oil at 10qts.

          I tow rock crawlers around and I get 15-16 highway towing and 20+ highway empty. That being said, around town kills my economy. 12-14mpg. I converted to a caterpillar fuel filter so it is less then $20 when I change it every 10k miles. Oil with full synthetic every 10k miles costs about $80 and then $10 for my Allison transmission. Filter every 10k miles. Tires aren't cheap either. Ive got some e-rated 10 ply tires and those cost more than what a Gasser will need...

          Tell us more about why you need a truck.


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            I've got a 7.3lt which takes 17lt oil at change.

            Honestly, a diesel just isn't worth it anymore unless your hauling a 5th wheel, or heavy equipment. Fuel mileage isn't there in town. Have to let them warm up, instead of get in and go.

            Plus fuel tends to cost somewhat more than reg gasoline. I wouln't buy another diesel


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              My 6.0 powerstroke diesel takes 14L/quarts of oil each change. 2 new fuel filters once a year.
              I pull a 20x8 tandem axle enclosed trailer with mine. If I wasnt pulling the trailer, i would not have a diesel. Diesels cost more to maintain and repair.


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                diesel or gas trucks ?

                I just always wanted a diesel but like everyone said I don't need it. I have a 03 gmc half ton 4x4 an it does the job but want something different an newer. Been thinking bout a reg cab newer Chevy or dodge but never liked the reg cab. I tend to use my ext cab for storage lol


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                  diesel or gas trucks ?

                  Again I agree with Cruzier. I also have a 3/4 ton 7.3 which In some circles is the cream of the crop when it comes to diesels. I also have an older Chevy with a 350 both are 4x4. I am an advocate for diesel trucks but you HAVE to work it. If your not pulling its not going to pay for itself. If you don't own heavy equipment / large trailers or haul on a REGULAR basis it isn't worth it. I live in Michigan and the winters can get harsh it is a 15min warm up. The diesel are always a concern in cold weather. Women don't like the sound or smell (even if I feel differently). In my opinion go with a newer gasser you will overall be happier in the long run.


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                    what kind

                    If you always wanted a diesel. You won't be happy till you've had one your self. I've had both v10 dodge it was a power house and loved gas. Now I ha a 08 super duty with the 6.4 power stroke. I love it but it does cost more to run.


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                      I've got an '07 F350 6.0. I love it but the mileage isn't what I expected. Diesel costs more than gas in my area. Oil changes are over $100. But I didn't buy it for economy so the cost doesn't bother me.

                      I love the way it tows. I also have my 900lb Trailblazer 302 Air Pak in the bed and don't even notice it. Like armer said...... If you've always wanted one, you won't be satisfied until you've tried it.


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                        There is a rather large paving operation here is south NJ and I talked to the owner before I upgraded to a utility body truck. They said they stopped buying diesels trucks a few years before then. They still bought them as bigger trucks, but not for little people.

                        I currently have a (bought new in sept 2010) 09 6.0l chevy 3500 HD, dually and it is nice. I keep it at about 10,000 lbs from welder and tools/material, and I tow my boom lift (15,000lbs inc trailer). It has 55,000 miles and runs fine. I tow my lift about once a week.


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                          It's not the diesel that's expensive; it's the wanting a NEW truck for no particular reason that'll kill your wallet.

                          If you want to try a diesel, get a USED one. I'm driving my father's '97 K3500 6.5LTD, and it's surprisingly easy & cheap. Even in winter, I only let it idle until the WTS light stops flashing (usually >20sec after startup), and then go. Otherwise, it's almost identical to a gasser. Yes, in power/torque, too. The older diesels weren't competing with freight trains for power/torque numbers, so they don't burn nearly as much gas, or need nearly as much oil. This one takes 7qt, has 1 oil filter, 1 fuel filter, and is very easy to maintain. Yes, the older IPs were designed for Sulfur in the fuel, so you have to add lubricity agents to ULSD, but that's not difficult, expensive, or inconvenient while waiting for the 34g tank to fill up. This one gets ~12-18mpg depending on how I drive it (usually like Mario Andretti, which gets me closer to 12).

                          A nice old $10K truck vs. a shiny new $70K truck...


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                            My 350 weight is 13795lbs. With the welder,compressor and tools I carry. So the added power is nice.
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                              If you just need a daily driver to get to work and such, and haul a trailer occasionally, get a 1/2 ton gas burner. It will save you bunche$$$ on initial cost and upkeep and fuel costs per gallon are lower too. If your not real concerned with co$t$ and are dead set on getting a diesel truck, go all out and get a Mack or KenWorth with a Caterpillar diesel. Should last you several decades, and you can haul any trailer you can hitch to it.


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