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Can I hookk up 6038LR wire feeder to

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  • Can I hookk up 6038LR wire feeder to

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    this machine costs $1200

    I'm wondering if I can cobble up something similar for half the cost?

    the feed pen costs $125

    Looks like the feed pen has a cigarette 12v power supply and some sort of data cable to feed the spool wire.

    are there any miller wire feeders that would work with this feed pen? if not are there any that could be modified relatively easily?

    I saw this wire feeder on ebay, but a search on it here yielded no results
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    i have only tig welded so I am unfamilar with mig gear. will be used to weld 16gauge aluminum with Lincoln PT-275 machine.

    just looking to speed up production.

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    electrical schematic

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    here is electrical schematic. the data connection is a r2 plug. any help is appreciated

    you can download the entire user manual here:


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      Feeding Aluminum

      Is your goal to mig weld aluminum or to tig it? The Miller feeder in your post is the control mechanism for an S60M feeder meant to feed wire in the mig process. The Profax feeder is very slow speed meant to feed wire into a tig puddle. If it is tig welding you are after, there are several used cold wire feeders out there for half the amount you mentioned. weldersales


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        please tell me manufactuer and model # of these used tig feeders for less than $600

        "there are several used cold wire feeders out there for half the amount you mentioned"

        OK you've got my attention, what are the names of these used cold tig feeders that are less than $600??? i searhced the forum, web and ebay with no luck.