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ROOKIE - PASSPORT PLUS ? Pros vs. Cons ?

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    Thanks Iceman8

    Thanks Iceman8

    All the info you provided is such a big help to me,
    really want to thank you for taking the time.

    Appreciate it,


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      Happy to throw in my two cents. I have that or less to contribute in light of all the other expertise on this forum. And, Country Metals made a great point that i overlooked (which was a big part of my buying decision) that being the very HD Pelican style case. I don't ever want to drop the machine off the scaffolding, etc. as is shown in the Miller ad for this machine, but on a job, stuff happens. Just moving it around a out there in the field can get a lot of hard knocks sometimes. Also, i had an almost new cart from a unit like the 211, that i sold (think Red again) and that cart works well in the garage or shop for the Passport. Best of both worlds for me. Roll it around on a good floor via cart, or carry it out over the mud and rocks, etc. if need be.


      I have no experience with the TA 181 though it seems offer a lot. My concern would be what looks like the std shop-type case of the unit and (to me) unknown quality of the inner works of the machine. I understand that the circuit board in all these units can be a weak link (very expensive), and with Millers 3 yr warranty and known quality overall, such is reassuring. I have heard nothing bad about the TA products and if there was no need to have ultimate portability/HD case, the 181 might be great.

      After having exp with a few different machines, i really like the softer arc (but still robust in nature) on the Miller, such is a personal taste thing though and some could care less maybe. I was sold on it the first pass i made, the day i got it!

      Not selling anything, but i believe in giving kudos where due, no matter. Red and other brands have some great products too, no doubt. Passport was developed for a niche market, but when i stumbled over it, then used it, I was very pleased, despite the price.

      Lastly, i believe that if i do step up to the newer, multi process version at some point, this Passport will have significantly more resale value. Though I'd prob want to just keep and leave it set up for flux core!


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        Originally posted by Country Metals View Post
        I actually coil up 50' of my 220 line and put the welder on top of it. The coil does not slide at all because of the amount of rubber against the bed. I usually damage the liner when carrying it up and down a scissor lift or PITA doors. I use to transport the machine every day, and with some 18 hrs, strapping didn't always get done.
        I see, I was picturing the box just sliding around the bed. Couldn't believe anybody could do that to such a nice machine, haha.


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          Thanks, Iceman 8 For answering my question, I Have been debating , a used passport or new 181i Idon't really need another stick welder an Tig is too difficult for me anyway. I used to think a machine that doe's a lot of things dosen't do anything really well But I know that has been proven wrong now, There is a lot to be said for one specialised , strong, an easy to work with machine, Thanks'. Joe