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ROOKIE - PASSPORT PLUS ? Pros vs. Cons ?

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  • ROOKIE - PASSPORT PLUS ? Pros vs. Cons ?

    I am liking what I read about the passport plus.
    Your experience ?
    Any advice on pros and cons ?
    I like the arc/size/portability.
    And I am in tight quarters so less splatter is nice.

    Could I do aluminum with it if I got argon/spoolgun down the road - plugged into 220 ?

    Thanks, Stu
    Last edited by Stu Miles; 12-23-2012, 11:21 AM.

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    Why do you have multiple threads asking the same information? If spatter is not acceptable, tig is the only choice.


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      If it were me i would just get the metal, form it, and farm out the welding. Then figure out how much you have to spend and buy the machine of your dreams. Then you can practice all you need until proficent. Learning to weld on alum will be a bit tricky, not saying it can't be done just harder. Just my thoughts...Bob


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        Originally posted by Cgotto6 View Post
        Why do you have multiple threads asking the same information? If spatter is not acceptable, tig is the only choice.
        Because I am looking for specific advice now that I've deciding what I want -
        Just wondering about the passport plus in general.
        Info is kind of thin searching the threads.
        If you just use tig don't know why you'd even bother with the thread -
        just skip it - why even look at it !



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          I agree with Cgotto6.

          I just did a simple search and found all the answers I needed to tell if I like the passport plus or not. If you do search, you will find I asked the same questions before I bought my first one, and someone else just asked the aluminum questions and several people responded to it about 2 weeks ago.

          A lot of people on here will actually stop responding to your questions if you keep asking questions that people keep answering every month.

          You can learn more from reading a lot of searches then you can asking one question because you will see other people who asked different questions that you never even though about.

          P.S. Not trying to be rude


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            Sorry if I came off rude. By starting multiple threads it clutters up the search results for anybody searching for the same information.


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              ok thanks

              I''ll take the advice and search the threads for answer on comparison of
              Miller 211 on 220 vs. passport on 220.
              But if you could point me to it since you located it all ready would appreciate it.
              Thanks for the help and tips.


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                Over all i like mine. Pros:handy portable, mig is great with strait co2 (cheaper than c25) cons:Welds like crap on 110v


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                  I much prefer the Passport over the 211 but it comes with a bigger price tag also.

                  I've never really used the mm211 on 120v much but the Passport is just great on 120v.

                  They both will do Al on 240v

                  You are going to get some spatter with mig, just the nature of the beast


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                    Originally posted by Ray C. View Post
                    Over all i like mine. Pros:handy portable, mig is great with strait co2 (cheaper than c25) cons:Welds like crap on 110v
                    I could weld 1/8" al on 120v


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                      I've had a Passport Plus for nearly two years now. I got it do some repairs on a few remote sites. As i was outside in marginal weather, and due to the nature of the jobs, i have run strictly flux core wire in it.

                      It is a nice machine with a very soft arc compared to the other brand of machines i have used (think Red). I have run the Passport and flux core in every position and am very impressed with it. It is not a production shop machine for sure. But i have never run up against the duty cycle in the field, on either voltage, ever. Then again, i take my time on most jobs and am not it a big hurry either. I use top of the line, custom made power cords of proper size never have current flow issues. Such wire can cost a small fortune it may seem, but worth it.

                      I was looking at the 211 as well before i purchased. VERY glad i got the Passport. It's a great rig. Now looking at the new one, TIG capable, that i see they offer. Always somp new to buy!

                      Passport is worth the extra money IMO. First time you DONT have to roll or carry the 211 somewhere, you will be glad too you got it (Passport).


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                        In addition to what iceman said, the case itself is almost waterproof. Besides the fan hole in back and lead ports on front it is a very well constructed case. It holds up well in the back of the truck.

                        Also, just FYI. Liners are more of a problem with this welder. I only say that because when you transport it, most people (inc me) leave the mig gun hooked up and if it slides around and hits the side of the bed, it will bend the liner causing you to spend more for them. If you remove the gun prior to transporting it, it is a great machine.


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                          Country, do you seriously leave your welder in the back of the truck with no strap or anything while driving??


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                            Hi, Is the Passport really worth more than double the price of the TA 181i fabricator? The mig specs. dont seem that much better ,Just curious why? Thanks Joe,


                            • #15
                              I actually coil up 50' of my 220 line and put the welder on top of it. The coil does not slide at all because of the amount of rubber against the bed. I usually damage the liner when carrying it up and down a scissor lift or PITA doors. I use to transport the machine every day, and with some 18 hrs, strapping didn't always get done.


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