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XMT 304 CC and CAC-A

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  • XMT 304 CC and CAC-A

    My first post on this forum, I have an XMT 304 CC. In the specs it lists this unit as CAC-A capable but I have not read any threads of it being a viable plasma cutting option for the 304. Does anyone have a suggestion how this is set up in the XMT?

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    By reading your question it seems like you want to plasma cut?
    If so then you need a DIFFERENT machine. Big difference between carbon arc gouging and plasma cutting.


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      Thanks for the reply

      Thanks for the info.


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        The xmt 304 will work for a carbon arc gouging power supply. I would prefer a big beefy transformer for this job but the inverter xmt will work.
        The xmt 304 will not and is not a plasma cutter.
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