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Welding 7/16 steel

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  • Welding 7/16 steel

    We recently started using Mo-Clamp's Full Frame Anchoring System

    As seen in this photo the pinchweld clamp does not hold the thick mouunting flange well because they are designed to clamp steet metal not thick steel.
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    My proposed solution is to weld a larger piece of steel to the mounting flange so that it may be directly bolted to the clamping plate.
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    The problem is that the flange is about 7/16" it may be closer to 3/8" or 1/2" I haven't measured the thickness of it but it is in that range. I know that stick welding is going to be the best way to go about this, but since this is in a body shop we are not equipped to make this weld.

    Our machine shop has Precision TIG 225, but I do not know if they have the stringer for SMAW.

    At home we have an Airco 180 amp AC only welder.

    Can the Airco welder make this weld-assuming worst case scenario full 1/2".

    What size 7018 rod should be used in this case-I plan to v groove both sides of the weld and make multiple passes. Am I correct in remembering that there is a 7018 AC rod?

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    Cannot help you with the rest of your question but I do know they make 7018 AC electrodes ....

    I know my son is working on welding 1/2" steel in school and they are using 1/8" 7018 rod.

    He brought some pieces home to practice on and his instructor said to use 1/8" 7018 and it is definitely multi pass welding.


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      Don't over think it.
      Your options are
      1- stick weld it with the Lincoln.
      2- If it doesn't have a stinger then take the one from the Airco.
      3- If you can't do that then tig weld it with the Lincoln.
      4- Stick weld it with the Airco using 5/32 or 1/8 7018ac rods.
      5- Tack it up & take it to a welder.


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        Will the older airco cable connectors, just a straight copper plug about 5/16" in diameter, work in the precision tig?


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          Originally posted by metalmeltr View Post
          Will the older airco cable connectors, just a straight copper plug about 5/16" in diameter, work in the precision tig?
          Probably not.


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            That's what I figured, so that eliminates option 2, but if 180 amp on a 7018 ac rod is more than enough power I will probably just do it at home with the Airco.


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