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Spectrum 375 Cutmate Problem

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  • Spectrum 375 Cutmate Problem

    I purchased this unit on Friday not working.
    When we turned it on the power and pressure lights came on and the internal fan ran.
    When we pulled the trigger nothing happened.
    That was due to the pressure light being on.

    Today we cleaned out the blocked internal water trap, cleaned the torch and blew out the dust.

    When reassembled and turned on the power light came on. At this stage the output was set at 20. When I turned the output knob counter clockwise to the Gas/Air Set the solenoid pulsed off and on shooting air through the torch. The pressure light was flashing at the same time. While this was happening I turned the output knob clockwise until it reached the first setting, this stopped the solenoid pulsing. The power light was the only light on so I pulled the trigger and air came out of the torch. No pilot arc came on but that may be because the tip and electrode need replacing. When I released the trigger the pressure light was flashing. I have checked for blockages from the compressed air inlet to the torch tip all good. Sounds like a pressure switch or a PC board issue.
    Any thoughts?


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    Before images.

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      More before images.

      Attached Files


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          I've had the pulsing caused by use of clone tips and nozzles cut wrong and alowing too much air to escape so as to not alow the electrode to move back off the tip making the spark to ignite the pilot arc

          Does the electode have movement when you put the nozzle on?


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            Hi Cruizer,
            I read some old posts last night about not tightening the nozzle. Was going to try it today. Never thought that the tip and/or the electrode would be non Miller. I rang every welding supply company yesterday trying to get new tips, electrodes & nozzle but being a Saturday no one was open or they had to order them.
            You are probably correct because there is no movement of the tip at all.
            Will ring around again on Monday.
            Is it normal to have the fan running when you turn on the machine?

            Thanks mate


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              Yes when you put the nozzle on the electrode, there should be movement. No movement and no pilot. Probably nothing to do with the electrode nor tip, probably have to change out the head #203119


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                Hi Cruizer,
                I think we were right to begin with.
                I wanted to get new Tip, Electrode, "O" Ring, Swirl Ring and cup.
                You suggested that the pulsing would be from using Clone Tips........
                After tracking down ( Thank you Miller ) images of the above mentioned parts I discovered that the swirl ring is different.
                The torch on my cutter is an ICE 27 but that swirl ring is off an ICE 25.
                The image of the swirl ring is from the Millers parts section on their web page showing the correct one.
                No one in Brisbane has tips or electrodes for any Miller products so as usual I have to wait a week for them to be trucked up.

                I stripped the torch main body down today and cleaned it to its last "O" ring.
                Assembled but without the handles and pressed the trigger. If the cup was tight the electrode did not move but if I cracked the cup a little the electrode moved backwards.

                Getting closer

                Attached Files


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                  Yes the electrode has to move down a little. So yes you'll need the CORRECT diffuser.

                  The idea is that when you hit the trigger,pilot DC is present and air pressure forces the electrode down, thus making a small spark between the now open tip to the electrode. This starts the pilot arc. Once this is initiallized, the main DC arc comes on.


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                    Hi Cruizer,
                    I was running tests with my cutter on 90 psi but all I got was a pulsing noise at the torch & machine. That was due to the swirl ring or electrode moving back and forward making the solenoid seal close then open then close then open pretty fast.
                    I turned the output knob to set the air pressure and again got this pulsing but this time I turned the air pressure to 105 psi. The pulsing noise stopped so I pulled the trigger and the pilot arc issued out of the torch even with the wrong swirl ring. Still waiting for the consumables.



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                      Your missing the o-ring on the body just under the nozzle.


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                        Yeah I have ordered that too.
                        I found a standard O Ring and fitted it for my tests.
                        Works okay.
                        I noticed that all the other O Rings are those red high temp ones but found out that this one is black.



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