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need a welder and cant decide

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  • need a welder and cant decide

    i am looking to buy a tig welder and possibly a mig welder all at the same time, i'm looking at the syncrowave 200,multimatic 200 and the millermatic 252. i am trying to get into tig welding and start my own business some day. i like the multimatic 200 because it has everything but you need a spool gun for aluminum so thats its only down fall and the syncrowave does tig and stick and thats why i'd buy the 252 so i dont know where to go from here

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    It all depends on if you are going to want to weld aluminum, and the process you will use to do so (MIG< or TIG). I can tell you from experience that the multimatic 200 has not got the guts for a commercial enterprise. The 252 would be te minimum I would buy. With a spoolgun (which aint cheap BTW) you can put together near anything you want to. If I had it to do over I would buy the XMT304 much sooner than I did. MIG, DC TIG, Feeder, and spool gun ready. You can find them on the used market for about $1500. With a feeder and a spoolgun you have enough processes and enough amps to do some real fab work.


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      i'm looking more into the tig welding really thats why i added in the syncrowave 200 that seems like a really good tig. since i dont have a buisness yet i dont know what i'll need i dont want to turn work away because i cant do the process thats why i had thought about the mulitmatic 200 but i'm not sure i'll be pleased with it but i know i want to tig thats more of a specialty


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        also the three welders i said are in my price range and you said you have experiance with the multimatic 200 what did you not like about it and would it get a job done i'm looking to start out doing welding repairs thats why i got interested in that machine


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          I would go with the syncro 200 and 252. The NEW 200 is NEW, might have some bugs in it and frequently first generation ANYTHING sometimes isn't the best.
          With multiple machines you would have less down time if something was to happen.


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            need a welder and cant decide

            It was a hard choice for me ie. Buy one Michine that does all or two separate. Down fall to one is not portable. I don't do much road work most all in shop, but sure nice to be able to grab a welder & go out if need. I used the 252 for awile but was to light for alot of my work & didn't hv pulse. Bought the 350-p, good Michine & I love the pulse for alot of my work, very happy with choice.
            What about Dynasty (inverter type) I couldn't afford the DX, I found a used 200-SD. Under 2,000.00 very happy. Tigs 1/4" Alm. With no problem. Runs a stick as good as any welder I've had. They told me I'd get more power from dynasty than syncro and I can pick it up with one hand. Runs on 110 or 220. Great little welder. Just a thought. Good luck.


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                gn Forge, What kind of welding work do you do that the 252 was to light, I own a shop welding everything under the sun and have never found it to be to light.


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                  i am looking at buying the 212 now and either the syncrowave 200 or the multimatic 200 so i have something portable but will probably go with the syncrowave. i dont need the 252


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                    need a welder and cant decide

                    Hi Portable Welder, started rebuilding & building new reamers for a under ground directional boring company. Welding 1-1/2 & 1-1/4 thick steel also welding to alloy shaft & preheat to 500 deg. Some of the larger reamers have 4' long beads. Pushed the 252 to it's limit but the 350 has handled it with ease. I've also grown to really like pulse with metal core wire, great penetration & faster than dual shield. Also can just turn down & run nice bead on 1/8" with .045 saves time swapping out wire.
                    But not everyone welds that thick of metal, but doesn't hurt to plan ahead if ur gona hv your own business ya just never know what might come through door or what the future holds. Like I said just a thought, figured it's good to hear from different welders then he can figure out what's best for his shop.


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                      how does the syncrowave 200 do as a stick welder im looking at buy that because its a dual process machine and i cant really find any information on how it stick welds


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                        need a welder and cant decide

                        I own a 252, 350p, and a sync 200 and each has there place. But had the new thermal arc fabricator series been out I probably wouldn't own the 252. The thermal 252i will do what the miller 252 (including duty cycle) will do plus stick and dc lift tig in a 65 lb package. Just a thought.


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