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    I have never welded with my Miller 211 off a generator. Found a deal on one. Was wondering what to look for while test running it before I buy. It has 7,000 running and 12,000 surge watts so it should push the welder just fine. But I know nothing about generators, so if anyone can help me with assurance before I buy it would be greatly appreciated. It's a 6 year old General. He's asking $430. Thanks!

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    Yep, giver, I see no problems


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      Generac I meant.
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        Anything to look for during the test run? I just plan on bringing a 4 foot piece of steel and cranking it all the way up, then lay a fat bead that long. That should be all I need to do do to feel comfortable buying??


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          Actually, what you want to bring is a meter, is case the unit is running way over, or way under voltage and frequency

          You should probably meter the machine BEFORE you plug ANYTHING into it.

          Just a thought.


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            Why would you need to lay a 4' weld to test it?


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              Not sure if that's necessary now, would just a voltage tester in the .240 outlet all I need to check.?


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                Originally posted by Packers To Super Bowl !! View Post
                Not sure if that's necessary now, would just a voltage tester in the .240 outlet all I need to check.?
                You need to Check the HZ also

                If your meter doesn't do this you can actually do it with a a Kill-a-Watt, about 10 bux at Lowes.

                You'll need 2 lights or something else to to plug in the receptacles to put a load on the generator. Space heaters work.

                Just plug the 2 120v loads in to 2 separate receptacles.
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                  What's the purpose of the above test ?

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