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Sizing Tubing Inside Tubing

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  • Sizing Tubing Inside Tubing

    Need to know what size tubing fits inside another. Is there a chart or something that lists this?

    For example if I want to build some adjustable table legs out of 2/2 square what smaller tubing would I need that would slide nicely into the 2x2?.

    Same questions works for round, rectangle, even channel I would think. Would want "closest fit" and not 1x1 inside 2x2.

    Would be nice to have achart or list or calculator or .... to make choices for orders.

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    Generally speaking a 2x2x 3/16 wall will give you an id of 1.625". A 1.5"x 1.5" tube will fit inside with a 1/16" space all around. Just match it up like that.

    You can also look up telescoping tube which gives you a tighter fit.


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      Don't forget about the weld seam inside the bigger piece as it will give you fits....Bob


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        Nice vieo on the seam issue. Are there other ways of doing this?


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          I should of mentioned not to try to use size on size structural tubing. Example being trying to slide a 2.5"x2.5" od tube into a 3x3x1/4" wall tube which would give you a 2.5" id. It won't work without some form of modification. If the 3x3 tube has a 3/16" wall it will work.
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            Originally posted by Thrutraffic View Post
            Nice vieo on the seam issue. Are there other ways of doing this?

            You could find the seam like the guy in the vid did, then use a die and a shop press to push the tube in a little giving some room at the seam. But you may want to make a fixture to keep the tube from bending out at the sides making another problem. Grinding it out if its going to be removable is kinda crude plus it weakens the tube. Just my thoughts...Bob


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              Here is a chart I made using standard pipe sizes.
              They are paired up and it is even possible to make a triple.
              While in theory, the 3/4" and 1" IPS combo will not work, I have found pieces that do slide together.

              Photos are of a fixture I made using 3/4" and 1" IPS stainless pipe.
              Using 3/4" pipe makes different adapters cheap to build.

              Sort of a smaller version of the 2" square trailer receiver method using 2" square tubing that many others use.

              Sorry about the crammed look. It looked ok in preview but not when I posted it.

              Size Sch ID OD

              3/4" IPS 40 0.824 1.05
              1" IPS 40 1.049 1.315

              3" IPS 40 3.068 3.50
              3 1/2" IPS 40 3.548 4.00

              3" IPS 40 3.068 3.50
              3 1/2" IPS 40 3.548 4.00
              4" IPS 40 4.026 4.50
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