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Bored, need a problem I actually can't figure out

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    I have a Bobcat 225G. It will weld on AC buit not DC. What is the problem?


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      Hey Cruizer i bought a new TB302 and when i start it up and the first thing i do is use a grinder or drill with it there is no power till i put it on high idle and grind the first time is this normal?


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        Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
        OK I have one. Not really something you couldn't figure out, but still a problem for me.
        I use the RCC-14 control on all my tigs. From time to time the cables go bad, right at the controller. I've bought the little repair kits and had mostly bad luck.
        Mainly because I ain't that good with that small of wire. Besides I need to be welding with my time.
        My Miller rep doesn't show just the cord available. I have a pile of this stuff laying around and it is bound to get bigger.
        I would love to find a place to just buy the control cable and not the entire assembly. Any ideas?
        Simple fix........ go wireless



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          Originally posted by Lorin View Post
          I have a Bobcat 225G. It will weld on AC buit not DC. What is the problem?
          Broken or burn't finger in the selector controller, or your not turning the selector fully into DC.


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            Originally posted by weld007 View Post
            Hey Cruizer i bought a new TB302 and when i start it up and the first thing i do is use a grinder or drill with it there is no power till i put it on high idle and grind the first time is this normal?
            Nope, not normal, for some reason its having a hard time building up voltage.


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              Pro 300 question

              Ok Jeff, I picked up a PRO300 earlier this year and put on the idle kit on it.

              Now here is the problem, it idles fine with the ignition switch, rev's and idles when welding, now if you hit the grinder or plug anything in to the 120 or 240 side the machine will not pickup on its own? It puts out 240/120 at 50HZ as the manual says to set the idle speed at.

              So I guess is this the way that the PRO is or is there something wrong ?

              Thx Railmen.


              • #82
                OK, had a looksee, when the idle toriod CT1 was installed. Apparently not by you, the tech who installed it didn't wind the auxillary pickups through it, only the weld portion, therefore the welder won't sence the load from the 120Vac receptacles.

                hope this kinda answers your questions.


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                  Originally posted by cruizer View Post
                  Yes and preventative maintenance also inludes the tightening of the brass locks on the output studs. Recomend using red locktite on the threads. This is another BIG problem area which if left alone will end up causing damage to the inverter and memory boards
                  Well I popped the cover off last week and the main input wiring appeared to be correct.
                  As for the output studs are you referring to the back of the lead plugs in the front of the machine? Mine appeared to be tight but I needed to use the machine and didn't take the time to undo & loctite 'em.


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                    Thermal arc predator ta10/270

                    Just to keep the thread alive I've got one of these things. I know some ppl don't like em welds just fine.
                    The idle kickdown works sporadically. Machine has about 402 hrs on it. Was a standby gen unit which was under cover. Purchased from 2nd owner who had it covered on a trailer for a year or year and half. It's not weathered and beat to crap.
                    Is there a problem area where I should start looking to fix this. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't work but it's one of those things that bugs me.


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                      The difference between the high and low rev, is not very significant, since the when you turn the front fine control, it either turns up or down the engine, unless you have the T-bird version, though even then the difference from high to low wasn't much.

                      It's likely that the throttle solinoid needs a good cleaning.

                      This unit was made for the farmers running pure sine wave 230 & 460 to power shops. While a good welder, they never lasted long for that purpose. Once you nuke the microwindings in the generator, the machines were garbage. However the honda engines were good for pumps and what not after the welding generator blew.


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                        I hate it when a machine stops working then starts working and then the next day stop

                        History: XMT 304, Purchased a group at an auction. Cleaned and torqued, four out of five machines work fine. One machine sporadically keeps showing help 7.
                        I tear it open again clean it, loosen all connections, scotch brite clean and re torque.
                        Machine starts working and runs for the rest of the day.
                        Next day: go to use the machine and its back to Help 7.
                        How can something fix and then unfix itself?


                        • #87
                          Thats easy! One of your output capacitor 20K ohm drain resistors is shot

                          I use ohmite # L25J20KE. With a small pencil flame torch, remove the offending resistor, and with a soldering gun install the new resistor, you'll have to slightly cut the tabs on the new resistor to fit the slots though.


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                            Dynasty 350


                            I have browsed this forum for a long time and I've been looking forward to working on my own metal projects. I respect all of the help you have given other members and your experience.

                            The OTD price of a 350 has been prohibitive and I've been waiting for a deal on one. I got a deal on a Tigrunner Dynasty 350 that (I hope) only has a small problem. I like tinkering on everything including electrical so fixing it will be fun along with the functioning welder. It has a HF start issue that is intermittent. You can watch this exact unit weld at

                            The serial is : LJ300078L

                            Where would you start with troubleshooting? The unit is still in freight transit and I should be picking it up Wednesday.

                            Thank you for your help!


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                              Heres one for ya. My Millermatic 200 was working perfectly since I purchased it a few weeks ago. Just yesterday when I went to use it I hit the trigger and it shorted out like the wire was getting clogged or catching somewhere. I figured my tension was to tight to I went to adjusting it, upon further inspection with the wire removed and no tension whatsoever on the wheel you can watch the wheel to the drive motor and it starts slow then speeds up. Its just everytime I start welding it starts slow then speeds up so it really sucks for tacking something together, if I make a weld though then hit the trigger again just a second or 2 later it'll start at the right speed. Problem is it welds perfect the drive motor just starting slow. I'm guessing brushs or potentionmeter for wire speed, would these be right, have'nt gotten around to taking it apart yet.


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                                Bored, need a problem I actually can't figure out

                                @ Luke. Your machine has a slow start feature. Congrats


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