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200DX no high frequency start

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  • 200DX no high frequency start

    I have searched and searched.

    I did check the contacts cleaned and set at .010

    I did blow the machine back out and clean out the dirt dauber nest in the bottom. It will weld on lift and stick.

    Where do I check the input voltage to the HF transformer? it looks like the transformer is behind the HF contacts. The machine is an 2005 model, this is the first time I have had any HF problems, actually this has been the first problem I have ever had out of the machine.

    Where do yall check to see if the pedal is triggering for the HF I had seen that some people had some HF issues over the pedal. My pedal did try to commit suicide off the cart a few weeks back but was saved at the last second by the cord.

    Trying to weld up some band saw blades with no HF is proving to be next to impossible.


  • #2
    The pedal cord would be the first thing to check since you had that incident. I have had many with broken wires in the cord.

    You could disconnect the pedal and try lift start to see if it works then. Of course you could try another pedal if you have one.


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      do yall have a wiring diagram for the pedal?

      I'm going to go grab my neighbor's pedal and try it. Hopefully that is it. Should be an easy fix there


      • #4
        well I found my finger control. Tried it still no HF, tried AC and DC. No HF and NO HF sounds at all. Where do you check to see if your getting power to the HF board?



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          .....anybody up yet??


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            Well it went to the service center yesterday hopefully its not the


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              Just a problem with your HF start board, not a big deal nor is it expensive.


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                The shop just called me. One bad IGBT $350 and One bad board $75. $130 labor They said the HF works its just the other problems causing it not to work. They said that is why I was having so much of a problem trying to lift arc what I was welding also with the bad IGBT the current was real hard to maintain. It is the bottom snubber board. Also the one I found the dirt dauber nest on. Hmm I think they may have killed my machine. FM

                One hand I think about trying to get the parts, and matching up the IGBT since I have found 200A 1200VDC IGBT's for $200
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                  Get it fixed for that quote.

                  I kinda think there is more to this especially when they install the new parts, and no you won't find that specific pre regulator inverter module anywhere.


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                    That ain't cheap, wow


                    • #11
                      Actually that is inexpensive for this unit, the problem is that the preregulator (IGBT) usually takes out the parent interconnect board which is rather expensive as is the snubber board.


                      • #12
                        I am going to have them fix it since they are going to warranty it also. I am going to get the old parts back. We have a board rework team here at work, and with there help I want to find out what failed and repair the board. On the IGBT once I can find out what the specs are on it they are not hard to find a match. I highly doubt Miller makes the IGBT's and they are all just a voltage and amperage spec component also. I have some IGBT's sitting on my desk that are 10KV 200A there huge. But a 200A 600V IGBT should run about $200

                        I just hope there right on it is only the components they quoted and the machine will be back up the way it should be for the agreed amount.


                        • #13
                          i suppose you could find one, its made by SemiKron, its a 1phase rectifier with a 3 phase bridge inverter using trench igbts. Not something thats regularly on the shelf


                          • #14
                            Have you seen a part number on them? I was going to call my rep at allied electronics and see if they have the exact one. I talked to him earlier and they have some trench structured IGBT's on hand I just don't know the full specs. I am worried if this one has failed when is the other on going to fail. Especially with it being the final output all the load stick welding has been put on the one. Which I have been stick welding a bunch lately building fence. I have burned like 25lbs of rod since I had tigged the last time with that machine.


                            • #15
                              AS I said, that Module generally takes out the mother interconnect board, and is protected from voltage spikes from the snubber board. Replacing one doesn't really help you. And your best bet is to leave it to the pros. The Miller CST techs are heavily trained for this reason.


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