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Lincoln SA-200

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  • Lincoln SA-200

    I know its he wrong brand but I picked up A SA-200 pipe liner today , For a spare machine.
    Looking for some info on this machine, as to why the idle isnt working it appears that there is no vacuum holding it at a idle??
    Can anyone help on this machine, ive looked for a manual but cant seem to find the right one to search the idle and govenor system
    Spec # k6090
    Serial # T21359
    Would like t know the year,, It has a Flat head 4 cyl, continental gas Engine..

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    Best go electronic, and without a code #, and since I don't have ESP, I can't possibly tell you the aprox age. Is the generator portion smooth or does it have an octagon shape


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      Hi Cruizer,, the generator is smooth and round!Trying to find out how to trouble shoot the Idle and govenor system,, for proper adjustment


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        The round vacumn disk looking thing in the idle controller, is what is leaking. I've tried fixing them in the past with limited success. You've got to pull them, bend the flanges out. and in the middle you'll find the diaphram. It usually is dryed out and beyond repair. Its somewhat better just to go with the electronic solinoid version.

        If its just a spare machine , then just extend the idle rod through the front cast and notch it for high and low operation. The SA200's are not quite as popular, so investing money in it might be a waste of time. I've been giving them away pretty much as can't be bothered with them.
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          That spec# sure did look familar, I've got one out back of the shop !958-59. Just another restored unit I can't sell.


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            Originally posted by hjm View Post
            Trying to find out how to trouble shoot the Idle and govenor system,, for proper adjustment
            Then you need these:


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              So I have got this machine running nice. I have cleaned and adjusted the idler/gov system according to the manualand the idler works ,no air leaks and the diaphram is good, I can put a 9 volt battery on the coil and it works fine pulls in and holds. It will hold at a idle Problem is when I strike a arc it will not idle up.
              I am going to replace some bad condition wires and clean all conections,Brushes are all free and in good shape, hoping this cures it but if not where do I look????????What do I test??
              I have reved it up and it welds fine, But I have not checked the aux power yet keep forgeting..
              Any help would be appreciated


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                Confirm the low idle speed is correct and specifically not too slow.

                To explain, the R-57 activation circuit is a shunt type in that a small amount of weld output current passes from the (+) output stud thru the idler coil to the main armature (+) brush.

                If idle speed is too slow, initial arc current that should trigger the release of the R-57 may not be sufficient enough to do so.


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                  Lincoln SA-200

                  I had a similar problem with my sa 200 when ever I tried to strike an arc it would sputter and die so first thing was I took the carb off and cleaned it out real good with brake clean and compressed air and it works beautiful now. Just had been sitting and the old gas gummed it all up so it couldn't get the proper amount of fuel. Hope that helps


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