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Econotig 150 ?

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  • Econotig 150 ?

    Does anyone on the forum have or did ever use an Econotig 150. I have one that is about 15 yrs old, I never use it because it seems to be stuck on the highest
    setting when it is on AC high for alum. I have a brand new fingertip control and when you turn it it goes to max amprg. The tech says that is the board inside
    of the machine. Is it possible for me to change it myself or do you have to send it
    out. I hate to send it out because the shops are so busy it takes a while to get it back,
    Thank You

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    The connectors on miller boards are super simple to use. Locate the board you have to change, label all connections as you disconect each , replace board and re-attatch all connections per your little labels. Done !, no issues. Just be sure it is a board because once you install it, it is yours to keep. I have an Econo and fortunately it has never failed and required a board or repair.


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      Here is a link to the manual...

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