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Miller Elite helmet issues

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    I almost did I thought it had a 3 year warranty and its only 2 years I almost threw it across the LWS and they they said that it wasn't a big deal and a new one is on its way.
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      i have one of the elites. only thing its good for is scooping polliwogs out of the pond. i just went back to fibremetal with halo


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        I spoke with my local Miller rep, as I am impressed with the feature list of the DE. He was not aware of any of the issues discussed in this thread. I've known him for over 20 years so if there were any problems he would have told me, after all there are other hoods available to sell if that's all he wanted.

        Perhaps some of you having all the difficulties, have some local and strong quantum fluctuations causing these issues.


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          Did you try running it in X-Mode
          Backed my CATMA over your CARMA
          OOP"S clumsy me

          What would SATAN do ??

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