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  • truck chassis welding

    I have a 1969 chevy truck long bed that I want to make a short bed, I have read several threads, postings and instructions on how to do it, I can cut and fit it well enough I think, everyone uses mig welders but I do not have a mig welder strong enough, I own a lincoln sp135 plus, but I have an arc welder, a miller thunderbolt 300 ac/dc, what I need help with is which rod and what size should I use to weld the chassis back together once I get to that point, my AC amperage max is 300 my DC amperage max is 225 the chassis thickness is abut 3/16", someone please advise, thank you in advance...

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    Take a class in stick welding first. then practice a lot before even thinking about welding a truck frame. You don't want your truck falling apart at 70mph on the freeway and killing some one.
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      No offence meant but based on your questions you don't have the skill required to complete your project, until you gain the skill & knowledge leave the frame work to a pro, our wives & kids are out there on those highways!
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        You COULD work with an experienced welder and do the cutting and fitting as he directs, then have him make the actual welds. Most of the labor is the cutting/fitting/prep.

        Getting the job done (goal being a shortbed, not "welding it" this time) may take some creativity.


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          truck chassis

          I completely agree with you guys, I am planning on taking courses at my local JC, unfortunately the welding department is down for the next year due to remodeling, so in the mean time she will remain a long bed, I want to do it myself but I want it done right, in the mean time I will mess around and practice with my welder, it is in like new conditions, I picked up on craigs list for $400, I am also planning on buying a mig machine I have my eye on the millermatic 252, dont worry guys I dont plan on putting anyone in danger on our highways.


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            I used 1/8" 7018 on my PU frame when it broke, and never had a problem.
            Good Luck,
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              i checked my frames the 69 chevy swb 1/2 ton is 10 gage my 70 chevy c30 1 ton is 3/16 where you cut and weld the frame box the back side at least 12" take your time and do it right
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                truck chassis

                thank you guys for the advice and the help, can anyone tell me anything about the thenderbolt 300? I had a thunderbolt 250 and a lincoln tombstone but havent heard much about the 300... and before I do any welding I plan on doing a lot of practice and taking a few courses, besides I have much use for it as a long bed for now...


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                  Truck Bed??

                  What kind of long bed do you currently have, step side or fleet side? The long bed('69) step sides are extremly rare these days. The last one I saw was in the late 90's, a GMC. I don't know if the guy still has it or not. Do you have the short bed you plan to use yet? If not, wait until you have it before making ANY cuts so you can get exact measurements. You say you still have use for a longbed truck for now, are you really sure you want to shorten this one? Either way hang on to the long bed because someone may want to buy it to restore another old truck. Don't just scrap it, unless it's trashed beyond all hope of salvage.


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                    I got my '67 longbed and didn't like it at first, as it was the first longbed truck I had owned. Now I wouldn't go back to a shortbed!