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Gas Leak Dynasty 200 DX

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  • Gas Leak Dynasty 200 DX

    Hey all,

    So I've checked all the connections on my Dynasty 200 DX with soapy water and I still can't find the argon leak. It's making me crazy! Any suggestions? And is there a way for the machine to have an internal leak? If so, how do I find it?


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    Looks like there is a spring clamp on the hose on the gas valve. Just a thought.
    I had a Snap On welder that leaked all the gas out of the hose all the time. The welder had a 50' remote feeder. Every time you started the arc there was no gas there, nothing but bubbled metal.
    The gas valve was in the power source, not like Miller with the valve in the feeder.
    I called Snap On supplier and they said to put a valve in the feeder. Basicly I was on my own. It's Gone.
    Good Luck,


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      Extremely unlikely to be inside the machine, more likely in the hose to the machine. Are you using a flow meter or twin guages


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        checked all the hose attachments...27 times.

        I'm using twin gauges unfortunately. Checked the hose crimps/clamps already any times. Submerged the whole hose in a bucket and found nada. I've had the machine a couple of years and I think it always leaked a bit, so this is not a new problem for me, but if I'm not mistaken it's getting worse. So it's in the valve you say? What does that mean?


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          where is the valve in the feeder? Is it replaceable? BTW Thanks for your replies. I need to get this thing figured out before I go bankrupt


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            There is a spring that closes the gas valve but honestly, haven't seen one let go in a Small Miller inverter yet. Does the mesh filter ( where you attach the gas hose to the machine) have any crap in it


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              When I first got my Dynasty the fitting on the gas valve had to be tightened a little to stop a small leak and problem solved. Mike


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                Cruizer, the gas hose fitting to the machine has no filter or mesh screen (it's just an ordinary conic threaded brass fitting). Wheels: The fitting on the gas this you mean to the regulator or gauges? These are all tight and don't show any leaks with the soap test.

                I'm looking through the parts list in the manual and I can't find or see where this valve is exactly. Anyone know?


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                  No feeder

                  Sorry, there is no feeder on a 200DX just my story that happened to me.
                  There is a valve inside the dx case that opens and closes with the foot/hand control.
                  From Gas valve #4 in the parts manual, hose #17 attaches and goes to the front of the machine and out to the torch.
                  IF you have checked everything else, but these, try checking the hose and clamps
                  Also did you soap the tank valve open and closed.
                  Story: My friend Gary was complaining about gas loss. We soaped the tank and regulator, nothing, we soaped the feeder, bingo. The hose was loose.
                  Good Luck,
                  Last edited by Bob Miller; 03-17-2011, 06:41 PM. Reason: spelling


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                    Yea, I meant inside the box, guess I should have been more clear about that, sorry.



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                      Ok checked the torch handle fitting and rechecked everything else. The front of the machine fitting, the back of the machine fitting, the whole gas line, the connection to the regulator and the bottle itself. What am I missing?


                      • #12
                        Did you check inside the case?
                        Good Luck,


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                          Well, just maybe, if your missing the little screen, some crap has gotten into the plunger in the gas solinoid itself.

                          That solinoid is a bit of work to get to in your unit. I would suggest removing your tig torch, turn on the bottle, jack up the pressure and with your remote give it a couple hits on the pedal or other controler to hopefully remove the crap that may be in there.


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                            I don't care for the double gaged regulators, the flow meter ball will actually tell you if its leaking. Often the cheapo gages on the double gage units will leak into the gages themselves and thats tough to do a boubble check on. Most of the times I go on a call to check a system, I'll bring a Victor flow meter with me, to verify the problem.


                            • #15
                              ok, thanks everyone for the help. I took off the casing and turns out there was a leak at the bulkhead fitting into the solenoid. I think that was the problem...since I bought it two years ago. Sh*t what a waste of money.

                              Thanks again!


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