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Miller Syncrowave 351, what was it designed for?

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  • Miller Syncrowave 351, what was it designed for?

    Im just curious with its funky "triangle fit in a corner" design....

    What were the brains at Miller thinking when they designed the Syncrowave 351?

    This is not a bash thread as in "WHAT WERE THOSE BOZO'S THINKING!"

    No, Id simply like to know where the 351 was born from. Aerospace? Automotive? Something else?

    Please enlighten me.

    Note: Some one told me the 351 was the predecessor to the Aerowave. Any truth?
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    I called Miller and asked them about this and even talked to a technician that worked on that design project. He said he does not even know.

    In large corporations some decisions are based on marketing ideas or even by the design department. Sometimes just something different is always desirable by the customers.

    Remember when womens stockings were sold in egg shaped containers?
    The Legs" stockings company did $400,000 dollars research and found out that many of their stockings were being stolen when packaged on flat cardboard.
    So they made the egg shaped containers that would be hard to hide. Also they came up with a synthetic material that would fit any size person. so the gross margin per square foot on the store was a rack of egg shaped containers only 1 square foot! That was all the colors, and one size fits all.
    The third innovation about that product was that people in the geographic areas were hired to go to the train and pick them up and take the product to the stores.
    So that eliminated a trucking distribution system and saved money.

    Marketing is important.
    EXAMPLE Miller BLUE color. If you are welding and it is hot and a hot day, the cool blue of the welding machine would be a real phycological comfort.