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Want to add spool gun to Bobcat 225

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  • Want to add spool gun to Bobcat 225

    I have a Bobcat 225G plus and would like to add a spool gun. I know I'll need a 14 pin connecter so need some help there too for wiring. Will need spool gun
    (what type?) and anything else I'm missing. Give me my options.
    Miller Bobcat 225G
    Miller Thunderbolt XL
    A/O Set
    Dewalt Chopsaw
    Lowbuck Notcher
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    Check this spool gun selection chart.

    Looks like you have two options, neither of which involves trying to add a 14-pin connection to your Bobcat.


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      Two easy options. Both Miller. Both plug & play

      1.) WC 1 control/ Spoolmatic 1 gun, plugs into the Bobcat or external 115 & runs off it's CV weld current. No contactor, wire is always hot.

      2.) WC 115A weld control with contactor/Spoolmatic 30A spoolgun. Plugs into the 115 on the Bobcat or external power & runs from it's weld current in CV.

      The first option is much cheaper than the second, but respectively, the WC1 combo goes for around $300-450 on average used, the WC 115 can go from a deal at $500 for it with the gun up to $700-900+ for the combo used if you look around. The WC115 can be purchased without the contactor as well for a little less, but the contactor option is the way to go.

      Both can be easily researched using Google or even the search feature here.

      IMHO of course.
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