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Hooking up a Lincoln HF box?

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  • Hooking up a Lincoln HF box?

    Alright guys I have a question for ya.
    I have 2 different Lincon HF boxes on the shelf that came out of a factory I helped tear out.I have been Tig welding at work and want to do some aluminum at home now.
    I have a trailblazer at home and a tig torch on the shelf.Can I possibly use the Lincoln HF unit on my TB to weld aluminum at home?Or do I need to find a Miller unit for my trail blazer?
    I have them and wanted to know if I could make it work or not?I will have to get the model numbers off the units later if this is even a viable option.

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    Which HF box is it? There are several


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      need the code numbers off them and we might be able to come up with a way to adapt one of them. Some of the HF boxes will only work with one Type Lincoln welder.
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        Ok sorry for not getting back sooner.I got pics of the two units.
        the Red one is a TIG Module
        K-no. K930-2
        code 11010
        serial number U1051109510

        The black one just says Hi-Freq
        Code 10367-001

        I think the red one might have more promise but not sure.You guys are more informed than me so Let me know what you think.Click image for larger version

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          Both should work but they need 115 volts 60 hertz power to operate.
          welder needs to have 115v 60HZ power at weld RPM for these to work best.
          other wise you will need wall power. Some miller welder's had 60 hz at low rpm and a 100 hz plug at weld rpm.
          make sure what your trailblazer has before connecting.
          The red unit was designed to operate with lincoln engine drive welders.
          The black one, was for transformer welders. the remote control plugs are wired for lincoln. May need an adapter cord to run on miller.
          Go to lincoln's web site and look up operator's manuals IM528 and IM362.
          These will tell you about both units and how to set them up and use them.
          There should be an electrical diagram inside the case of both units.
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            Let me know which unit your going to work with and I'll get you the codes for it to work with your trailblazer. you will be able to use the same amphenols. You'll just have to resolder them and turn the insert on the machine end. On the newer module. you will have to replace the remote controller with a 1K 2Wt pot. Not a big deal to do.
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