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problems with old lincoln welder

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  • problems with old lincoln welder

    I have recently purchased a idealarc DC 250 CC/cv with a LN- 7 feeder it is older model the problems Ian having. Is it will not strike a arc i get some sparks with the stick welder but none with the wire feeder the wire feeder works but no sparks at all. If anyone has any ideas of what the problem could be a i could use the help thank you

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    Lincoln welder problems.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Ideal-arc is a CC only machine, it has no remote voltage control to run an LN-7 wire feeder. The Wire feeder needs the 14 pin connection to power the drive rolls on the wire feeder. ( according to the lincoln website and related literature )

    If your gear is older, you might want to find the user or owner manuals for it on the lincoln site. As far as I could see by looking , ideal arc is pretty much an entry level stick machine and not really a multi-process unit.
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      It dose have wire feeder there was post on here that showed pic of the same unit can find it don't know how to post pics but dose have a LN_ 7 feeder


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        Other than being rather obsolete, it is a CC/CV unit, you want to make sure its not in remote position, and it is set for the correct power as they seem to of been 208/230/460 units, then just report back...


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          Get all the information that Cruizer asks and he will get your welder going if anyone can.


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            Thanks. Will try that tomorrow I really appreciate the the help. I have seen some off your other post with good advice hope u can help thanks


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              yeah, I win some, I loose some, now give me some sub arc questions.

              I'm REALLY aquanted with those lately....


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                That welder has 4 output terminals 2 are cv and the other 2 are cc (vv)
                They are switched by the mode switch. There is a micro switch on the mode switch that turns the welder on in cc mode. The wire feeder turns on the welder in cv mode. 2 and 4 circuits are closed by the relay in the feeder to turn the welder on. So if the cc terminals are hot in cc. but small arc. Check the output control toggle switch and make sure it is in panel or local. Try both sides because the old Lincoln terminology can be confusing. If you still have low output, inspect the mode switch closely, it may have a burnt contact and will have to be replaced.
                They are a real pain to change. Also check the output switch and make sure it is not open. Clear all of these and then we have to look at the pc board and SCR's.
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