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    Hi all,
    When I weld,my machine intermittently cuts out during the process.It starts off good for the first few seconds or so then it starts,like as though it starts to lose voltage/amperage.When it does this the wire will snuff,kicking back the torch in your hand,then re-ark,repeating this behavior throughout the entire welding process.I have tried plugging directly into the power source and nothing changes.I have also cleaned the entire machine,checked the contacts and so on.This machine is usually plugged in by a 4' extension cord which is in spec. with the power demand (110/20amp).The machine is about 10 years old and is rarely used and kept in good condition with regular maintenance.The wire I use is 030. fluxcore and the material is clean mild steel.I haven't any other issues with this machine as for it has always worked excellent for me,any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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    These units were very popular for pooching thier drive motors, likely thats your problem


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      Have you tried installing a new .030 contact tip onto the gun?


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        Hey dodgeman,
        I also have a 130XP & never an issue. You need to clarify your entire scenerio with wire mfg(Lincoln/ESAB/Hobart/HF???), heat/wf setting, & if you are getting a clean, solid ground. Any loose connections? Is the wf tensioner too excessive? Did you try going to an .035 tip? I use a .005 larger tip for f/c & aluminum that has definitely made a difference. It almost sounds like your wf roller may be slipping or is too tight & deforming the wire. Also, try a different brand of wire to see if the same issue arises. Try to eliminate most factors that would cause this.

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          Hi yorkiepap,

          I am using a .030 fluxcor Lincoln brand wire.I am on the 3rd. heat range with a little over half way wire speed setting,switch not "graduated",and but welding 1/8 mild steel.Played with the settings and it seems to do this no matter what.Yes, I do have a .035 tip on it now.As for the roller tension,it seems OK because it does not alter the wires form,you can just see the traction marks on the case of the wire which I think is the correct setting.I also double check for feed slippage by feeding wire out to a non grounded workpiece ever time I do a wire change.As for the problem I was doing some more welding today and when it does this,it seems as though the machine runs out of amperage,because the ark starts off strong then it almost seems like it starts to dim out as I progress into the weld.Any way to check to see if I half an amperage loss at the tip? Thanks.


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            Hi Danny,Yes I have,thanks