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SA-200 Another story asking for help

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  • SA-200 Another story asking for help

    I never cared about anything that had Lincoln on the side until after reading this forum.
    Then after reading about SA-200 I became interested in them.
    My friend has one in the barn, I asked if he wanted to sell it. That's as far as we are so far.
    I did stop and look at it close just now, the first time I've seen it in 20 years.
    I will try to describe so that this forum can help me put a fair price on it.
    It's Sheild Arc SA-200 F163 Model # 6340.
    The serial # puts it mid Jan. 1968 A-590xxx
    It's on an axle bolted to the frame. The tongue is also bolted to the frame, with a clamping arrangement(Its way neater than I can describe).
    The tires and wheels are the same on both sides, with Lincoln hub caps.
    The tin work is straight.
    The grill looks to be aluminum and is smashed in one corner. The radiator is fine.
    The barrel is round. I could not see if the wiring was Al or Cu.
    The leads are rotten and are about 25-30 ft at the most.
    Someone put home made fenders on it that interfere with the opening of the side doors. You have push the fender down to open the doors.
    My take on this welder is that my friend bought this welder new and used it very little. It seems to be all original and dare I say cherry.
    The battery 12V is dead, but he says it runs. Looks like the water pump was replaced.
    The dust on it is 1/4" deep. Can I pressure wash it all over or should I rinse the tin with a hose and leave under the hood dry?

    So what do you guys think, any and all help will be much appreciated.
    Thank you for your help,
    Bob Miller

    PS. If you have any questions please ask. Its down the street from me.

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    sounds like you found a gem Bob, i would definitely buy knowing that it is a 68 so I'm positive it has copper windings. is the face plate red or black.


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      In your area, $200.00 low, $1000.00 high.
      There is a guy named Dan south of you who buys SA-200's from guys in the Southern California oil patch. He rebuilds them to sell, and makes a living doing this. You don't think he pays very much for these do you?


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        Face Plate is red.

        If by face plate you where the taps and fine adjustment are, I guess you would call it red (more like pink).
        You still can read the numbers on the taps and fine adjustment.

        The only thing I had trouble reading was the "F" in F163 it looked like a "T".
        What's the difference in a red face and a black face (besides color).

        Thanks for your help,
        Bob Miller

        Edit: Orange might be a better discripition of the face plate color.
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          Does it look like this? This is what my red face looks like.

          Good question about the differences between a black face and red face. In the range between the shorthood, and octagon barrel.
          Attached Files


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            I belive it looks like yours. The 115 v plug is different, this one is a nema 5-20.
            I think I'll go over and look at it again.
            Then I can give you better answer.


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              Originally posted by Bob Miller View Post
              he says it runs.
              Running and welding are two different things, so the big questions is:
              Does it weld?


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                I just got back from looking at the welder again. What took me so long was I stop at the neighbor lady's house for a few beers (it's 103* here to day).
                I took pictures and if I figure out how to post them I show you what it looks like.
                It's a red face. There is some green over spray on the red face plate. The machine is gray and the wheels are black with an Al hub cap. The tires are weather check everywhere, but they still hold air.
                They might not have bought it new, as they got it circa, 1969.
                Oil bath air cleaner and a oil filter.
                Can I pressure wash it or should I hose it off?

                Thanks for yor help,


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                  Originally posted by Bob Miller View Post
                  What's the difference in a red face and a black face (besides color).
                  Red face machines have round barrels and all copper windings. Black faces have hex barrels and alum. in the windings. They changed the faces when they changed the generator housing. Around '71 or '72 I believe.

                  The machine you mentioned is a red face. Redface and shorthood's face plates are like 5'' tall and 15'' wide (just a guess). Black face's are more like 15'' tall and 15'' wide, a lot more square.


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                    Red Face

                    It is definitely a red face (5X15 face plate) and has a round barrel. I've seen pictures of octagon barrels.

                    Thanks for all your help, keep the info coming.


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                      Owner manual

                      If you take the 4 digit code number and enter it at lincoln's website you can download the owners manual and parts pages, both of which will come in handy.


                      Or you can call them up and they'll mail you a copy.

                      As far as the power wash, I don't know. Thats a travel at your own risk kind of thing. It can be done without hurting anything, but you have to be careful around a lot of parts.


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                        You can powerwash the crap off of it, just change the airfilter oil afterwards.


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                          As far as being greasy, the only greasy parts are the oil filter, looks like the filter weeped. The filter base and copper line are greasy.
                          The oil bath air cleaner is covered from top to bottom.
                          Every thing else is covered with dust.
                          I try to post pictures tomorrow.


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                            Originally posted by Rig Hand View Post
                            Red face machines have round barrels and all copper windings. Black faces have hex barrels and alum. in the windings. They changed the faces when they changed the generator housing. Around '71 or '72 I believe.
                            Not to throw a wrench into your statement, but I have a 1971, round barrel, R-57 idler, (parts machine) it has a black face.


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                              12 volt

                              This Machine has a 12v alternator on it and the parts book said '71 and newer.
                              I did not look close but it seemed like the alt and wiring were painted gray.
                              Last night I tried to load the pictures but the files were to big, so I'll will go back today and shoot smaller files.
                              Rig Hand, Thanks for the owners and parts manual. I printed them out last night.
                              There is not a lot of info in the owners manual.
                              Like it says 200 amps @ 60% duty cycle, but nothing about the total range and what the taps are.
                              I did like the soft arc, stiff arc, OCV thing.
                              Thanks Guys,
                              Bob Miller
                              Last edited by Bob Miller; 07-17-2010, 12:44 AM. Reason: content


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