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SA-200 Another story asking for help

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    Take lots of pictures, dismantle it using little string tags to mark where each wire goes. Sand the sheet metal, wire brush the engine, and generator. Any body shop will shoot it for you.


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      couple cans of krylon can work magic for any machine, whether it be cat or clarke or


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        Originally posted by cruizer View Post
        sure, you drive to the Montana border/ Alberta Border, and I'll meet you there.......
        And he would too!!


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          Originally posted by cruizer View Post
          Hey, I've got a 58 long hood SA200, I really want to loose for $2300 Canadian. I'll even throw in a wind up 52 short hood with the deal, still works and both are smoke and leak free. Gotta make some room here.
          What's exchange rate? I'll be there in the morning. Look for a short, fat, bald guy on crutches with a bag full of money. You will take US dollars? Wait the banks are closed today. How about a check it's good you know.


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            Red face machines have round barrels and all copper windings. Black faces have hex barrels and alum. in the windings. They changed the faces when they changed the generator housing. Around '71 or '72 I believe.

            The machine you mentioned is a red face. Redface and shorthood's face plates are like 5'' tall and 15'' wide (just a guess). Black face's are more like 15'' tall and 15'' wide, a lot more square.

            Originally posted by Rig Hand View Post
            You caught me.
            Rev. 1 -My previous statement is true except for the 1971 model.

            There that ought to do it.
            Here is a 57. Lincoln still used black faceplates on some early 60's SA200's as well. I worked for a pipeliner many years ago who had a 60 that had the black faceplate.


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              Bought it.

              Well I bough it, about a year later, brought it home, washed it and put it in the barn.
              In fact I bought 2 more. '62 real rough and a '59 not quite as good as the '68.
              I got the '59 at a yard sale. Brought it home cleaned the gas tank added a new petcock, and fired it up. Loaded it to 350 amps and purrs like a kitten.

              I got the"68 out of the barn oiled the cylinders and fired it up and loaded it to 350 amps. This one had a hard time pulling 350 amps. I'm going to clean the gas tank and kit the carb. The R-57 was out of adjustment (nut came loose) so it was locked at high idle when I loaded it. I cleaned it up and put it back together and tried it. Now
              no arc. Before I had a chance to work on it more, the painter got it and striped off the carb and manifold and started sanding the engine. It will be painted next week. I got the paint code from one of Kaye Sellon posts on another forum.
              That paint color comes in industrial and automotive finish. I choose the auto finish as it is shinier than the industrial.

              So I have two SA-200 being restored at the same time.

              The 3rd SA-200 Blue tint red face '62, I got cheap and it will take lots of time and $$$.

              To be continued.

              Good Luck,


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                The 62 will only have 4 weld positions and a skinny black face. Yours being a red face is 67-1973


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                  At the beginning of this thread you said you wanted to buy an SA 200 to see what all the fuss was about....... Well what do you think?


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                    Just plain fun

                    Just got back from KY, that's why I'm late to answer this. Beautiful state, but too humid for me. I couldn't wait to get back to sunny CA.
                    It's only going to be 109* on Monday and 111* on Tuesday and 110* Wednesday.

                    Back to the SA-200 thing. I never paid any antention to any thing Lincoln.
                    That's not my last name, if it was yeah then sure.

                    So after I fired the SA-200 up and it settled down to an idea, I knew what the excitment was about. It crackles at first and idles down to just a purr.
                    I don't weld much pipe, so I may never know the special bead that it puts out.
                    It's just that sound and it burned a stick of 3/16 7018 like butter(melts in real nice).

                    At this stage it's all apart in the paint barn primered and
                    hanging from wires. The motor and barrel are out of the frame. I have 2 new hoods coming, 1 for this one, and 1 for the '59.

                    I'll try the picture thing but don't get your hopes up.

                    Good Luck,


                    • #55

                      I ordered the wrong hoods from Stumpf's Welding Supply.
                      I ordered the hoods with a notch for the radiator cap because the '62 hood was bent right at that spot.
                      Stumpf's will not take the hoods back because they were direct shipped from Lincoln.
                      As of right now everything is painted except the hoods.
                      BTW the hoods I got from Stumpf's came painted the new color.
                      Monday the reassembly starts. I have pictures at the office, I'll try to post.
                      Good Luck,


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