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Welding spring steel question

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  • Welding spring steel question

    Have any of you had any experience welding spring steel? The reason I ask is that I am building a bobber style motorcycle and I want to put a solo seat on it that has a seat supported by a single spring kind of like the old tractor seat srpings with only one spring leaf support that curves up from beneath. I think I will have to make it out of a piece of spring steel if I can find what I want. I don't want to use the two coil style springs that you see on a lot of bikes. It will be a "single leaf" style and, hopefully, made out of some sort of a piece of spring steel that will support me (a tubby 200 pounds) and look cool, too. I have several welding options available to me....TIG, which should keep it reasonably cool, MIG, which would be done however necessary to make it strong enough or, least likely, with a stick welder. The welding sgould be limited to mount parts such as nuts.

    Anyone ever welded any spring stuff? How does it work out...does it ruin the spring or can it be done without taking the "spring" temper out of the metal? I will most likely have to bend the spring to suit my needs and that is what worries me.... The actual welding required should be very minimal. How about drilling? Any problems there?

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
    Don J
    Reno, NV

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    i would drill and tap, or let a spring shop to bend your leaf, and then do your welding before they retemper
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      You won't have any problems drilling or tapping, as long as you use cutting fluid and mind the drill speeds. you can anneal and normalize the spring steel in the area you want to weld to, say just where the seat pan mounts to and then where it mounts to the frame, then use a medium carbon type low hydrogen rod (SMAW). Be careful if you try this, it works, but I'd recommend doing a test piece first on the same sping steel you plan to use, then do a little destructive test on it to make sure you're getting the results you want. I'd hate to have my seat break off on the freeway!
      Medium carbon spring steel - like standard leaf springs - is useful for many different aplications, either way, welding, or drilling and tapping, you should be able to get the results you want.

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