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millermatic 210

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  • millermatic 210

    I have a millermatic 210 that I would like to sell. It has the dual cylinder rack and the spoolmate gun. I have someone interested in buying it does anyone have a rough idea how much to ask for it? It is in real good shape and never had one problem with it.



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    Short answer, somewhere between $500 and $1500.

    Long answer. Assuming the unit is very clean, just a little bit of spatter or damage to the paint (i.e. its still bright blue - with a mostly smooth, shiny black front), I suspect the unit itself is worth $900 or so. Add $100 for dual cylinders and $250 for spoolgun (addons, assuming good condition, seem to go for about 1/2 of new). You might be able to do a bit better if you separated the spoolgun. Decent regulators (Victor?) help. Looks help alot. A clean machine looks like it hasn't been abused.


    If the machine looks black, like you pulled it out of a coal mine, be thankful for the $500. I saw a 250 that was covered in mill scale. The guy wanted $500 and was having trouble at that price. I could only image what the insides looked like.

    To get the $1500, through in the bottles and or let him weld with it. If he's used to a cheap flux core machine, you will have him sold.


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      I bought one a year or so back. It included the two bottle cart and a 250cf bottle. No spoolgun, but it was in pristine condition and I knew the history of the machine. $1000


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        In wi i've seen 3 millermatic 210's in the last 2months go for $1000-$1100. They sold in one day each of them. I sold my 5yr old dvi 1month ago for $1000. I was asking $950 and had 6ppl call about it and a guy came from 125miles away and gave me $50 dollars more than i was asking. MY dvi also sold in one day. All these machines where just the welders, no spool guns. I would say if its clean you should be able to get $1300 easy.


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          How old is it?

          How old is it? I'm interested!


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            I would guess it to be 5 years old + or - a year. Not real sure.


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              First it would help to post your location. A MM210 is a fine welder and the fact that it has a dual tank rack and a spool gun is a big plus. Couple that with your description as being in good shape makes it worth a good price. Just because you see them selling for less than 1K does not mean you should sell yours for that price. I just sold my MM210 set up like yours for $1450. There were many calls on it and I sold it to the first guy that came by. He said that he looked at a number of mig welders and most were in poor shape. I guess my point is don't give it away. Why are you selling it?


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                I am located in Hennepin IL about 45 min north of Peoria. I am selling it to upgrade to a millermatic 252 so I can get the Reach system. I wish I could put the reach on my 210. I plan on listing it on e-bay to today so I guess we will see what happens.

                Thanks everyone for all your input!


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                  Still trying to sell anyone interested asking $1300.


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                    Hi everyone -- I have been lurking on the site and learning a lot.

                    Was debating a used Miller 210 vs. a new 211. I get the impression that if I do NOT need portability or 120v, the Miller 210 is more of a welder. Seems I can get a good condition used 210 for less than the cost of a 211.

                    I am finding 210s with bottle and new spool of wire for $900 to 1000. Would appreciate thoughts. Thanks and look forward to participating here.


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                      I need to sell my millermatic210

                      Hey guys, I looking to sell my bran new 210.
                      It was used for 15 mins while I was learning to weld.
                      I have the mig wand and a full spool of .030 along with the full tank and regulator
                      looking to set a fair price. probably thow my insta dark helmet in also...
                      any suggestions for a price please?
                      Thank you!


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                        It would help to post your location. Check craigs list or e bay to see what others sell for. Miller used prices in my area are almost as much as new. It would help to know what size the tanks is. A small one or a 300. Big price difference.
                        The WELDINGWEB site does have a for sale section. Here's their site.



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                          millermatic 210

                          I live in Salem OR, the tank is full size. I've checked craigs list and ebay but they dont have this model for sale. and nothing close in the mint condition that mine is.


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                            Originally posted by k155dragon View Post
                            I live in Salem OR, the tank is full size. I've checked craigs list and ebay but they dont have this model for sale. and nothing close in the mint condition that mine is.
                            Post some pictures of the unit and the accessories, I am sure that will help the sale.


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                              TY I will get some posted today!


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