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  • spoolmatic 1

    does anyone know or know of somebody that can help me hook an old spoolmatic1 spoolgun witha WCI controller to ESAB MIGMASTER 260? IVE been running this gun off of a trailblazer 302, but the trailblazer is not mine, ive got the 14 pin connector coming off of the controller. anyhelp would be great.

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    I don't have any information on the ESAB Migmaster 260 but the WC-1 has a set of contacts in relay CR1 that close when the SM-1 trigger is pulled to activate the power source welding contactor. The WC-1 requires 115vac to operate and if the ESAB has a remote plug that has 115vac output (hot and neutral) as well as chassis ground and an auxiliary 115vdc contactor activation relay, the WC-1 14-pin terminal assignment is:

    G - 115vac neutral
    I - 115vac hot
    J - 115vac hot out, weld contactor activation
    K - chassis ground

    Get the 14-pin hooked up as needed, connect WC-1 weld power cable to the ESAB contactor output (EP) and that's about it. If the there is no 115vac available at a remote plug, a seperate standard 115vac plug will do. Main issue is if the ESAB has a 115vac auxiliary weld contactor activation relay.

    A schematic of the Migmaster 260 would help but I couldn't find one on the ESAB website.


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      Nope, only way to do it is to add a dry contact relay in the WC-1, and hook that relay into the exsisting mig trigger and flip the drive rolls open


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        PETEROD, Are you referring to a a Migmaster or Multimaster 260?


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          Sorry , it is a multimaster 260, and it has a place for the spoolgun module but i dont have it yet, i didnt want to buy it if it would not work. Thanksfor all the info so far.


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            OK, here it goes, and no your WC1 will NOT work off that ESAB spoolgun controller.

            Your going to need a 115Vac extention cord and nip the receptacle part off, Cut that part back a little revealing the Black/White & Green wires

            Also require a small 120Vac relay SPST 10 amp

            A trigger connector for the easab or tie into the euro connector if that what it uses

            Open up your WC1 control box

            Remove the 14 pin setup as a whole

            Connect wire #5 to the new white
            Connect wire #6 (off the WC-1 fuse) to the new black
            Connect new green to the chassis of the WC-1 box

            Now as near as I can tell, the simplest way to make the connection with the ESAB is to use the existing ESAB trigger terminals via the new relay.

            So attach wire #2 to one of the coil wires on the new relay with the other side tapped into wire#5

            With the new trigger connector, attach one of these to the bottom of the new relay points with the other going to the second terminal of the new coil relay points.

            Naturally you'll have to attach your positive arc lead to the positive on the ESAB
            Should work fine, though you'll have to open up your ESAB drive rollers.


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              PETEROD, if you're thinking of and willing to purchase the spoolgun module, let me know and I'll walk you thru a very simple way to make your WC-1 / SM-1 work just fine with it and your Multimaster 260 will be ready for an MT-250SG or ST-23A spool gun if you choose to use either in the future. You'll need to purchase the mating plug to the module's outlet and a standard 115vac plug too.

              Or, you can simply do it with the current module space block-off plate, a 3 pole, single throw switch, the same 115vac plug and hard wire it to your 260.

              In both cases a jumper gets removed inside the WC-1 and the appropriate length 3-conductor and 2-conductor cables to replace the existing WC-1 control cable will be needed to keep it intact so you can restore the WC-1 to its original condition if you so choose down the road.


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                Thanks for all the info , i havent had time to try anything yet, which one of these ideas is going to be the simpliest? When i get ready to work on this ill be asking a lot more im sure , i really do thank everybody, you guys sure are smart, people like you are hard to find. Peterod


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                  Hey duaneb55,
                  It's been a few years since I was on here but your idea about hookin that miller gun to my esab sounds great
                  I might need help so let me know if ur still interested in giving info
                  This forum is great
                  With alot of intelligent folks thankz


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