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"Optional" Remote Panel Connection for Legend NT

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  • "Optional" Remote Panel Connection for Legend NT


    I recently bought a Miller Legend NT (S/N: LA055608) for my start-up mobile welding business. It runs well, has low hours, and was an excellent price!

    The one issue that I have with it is the "Optional" RC1 (14 Pin) connection. My Legend NT did not come with the connection, but has a circle on the panel where it would normally be with "OPT." in it.

    I have the need to do a TIG job, but can not hook up either a HF module, or a foot pedal, without that RC1 connection. The owners manual refers to a part (or kit), but I have been unable to track it down after hours of looking for it!

    I have tried many places, with little or no luck, as to what I need to get in order to install and utilize the RC1 (14 Pin) connector on my Legend NT, and am hoping desperately that someone here might be able to help!

    I am including the link to the Owners Manual PDF file, that is for my Legend NT, so that anyone willing to help will not have to look for it. ( )
    (No need to ask someone to have to work harder when you ask them for help!)

    Thanks for any insights that anyone might provide
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    If it is still made, enter the part number and it will list the price. If they don't have it listed, email Miller and they will tell you if it is still made or if they have old stock.


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      not cheap....

      I do not think that is going to be a cheap part, good luck


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        The accessories section of your owner's manual lists part number 043-679 'remote control facility', which is required to use a remote control on the Lengend NT. It is listed as a field installed part, which usually means something that comes as an optional kit that can be added to the machine after it is sold, or ordered as an option built into the machine at the factory.

        I checked and they don't list that as an available part number. I assume this is the part number for the remote receptacle and associated wiring and/or circuit card and other assorted parts to operate it with.
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          First of all, Thanks for the rapid assistance.
          I have emailed Miller twice in the past 3 months, now 3 times after today, about this exact thing with no responses in return. Getting feedback was a welcome surprise!

          I had got to the point of looking for the 043-679 Remote Control Facility on line, but had no luck.

          I was wondering if anyone would know about the interchangeability between welder manufactures? I know that many accessories are interchangeable, so maybe the controller for the accessories would be?

          Anyway, I found a controller from ESAB (See this link for details: and was wondering if there might be someone who could clue me in if these might be compatible sub for the miller part?

          If anyone knows where to get the miller part, I would truly be grateful as well.

          Thanks again for the posts!


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            Nope....Esab miller parts not interchanged able...

            Im not sure the thickness of the material which you need to weld, but you would be much bettar off renting a maxtar and running off the gen portion of the legend. The legend has 5000 watts of power, you should easily be able to run a small maxstar off that gen set, In fact it might be cheaper to do this whan adding that part. Also it is likely that part is now obsollete. I have a Legend 302 and it is at best an average tig welder.


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              If you are wanting DC weld current, you can always scratch start. Pros do it every day with Radiograph quality. AC, sorry Charlie......

              Besides that, the optional remote will probably cost more & be more of a hassle than it's worth.

              Weldersales may have one, or be able to get one. Can't say what it will cost tho.

              I would consider selling the Legend & looking for a good used Trailblazer. If you want to expand your capabilities, this would be the better machine at the end of the day. It's probably one of the most flexible air cooled engine drives on the market today & can be had for under $2000 used with moderate to little hours.

              I got the one below for $1500 buy it now on ebay. 150 hours, a hour away from my house. All it needed was a paint job. No, it wasn't hot either.

              Deals are out there, just keep an eye out.


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                The Trailblazer 302G was the machine that I originaly wanted to get, but around here it is difficult at best. When I found this Legend NT unit I was elated that it had the capacity for AC! (BTW: I forgot to mention that the TIG job was for Aluminum... My bad!).

                I to think that this "white dragon" of a part may be discontinued (at least under that part#). But, I can not imagine that a part from say a Bobcat, or Trailblazer would not be interchangeable. The Remote Control Facility would almost have to be the same, or usable with little or no mods! For goodness sake! It was an option only 10 years ago!

                Maybe it is my hesitance to admit I made a bad decission (Paid $1600.00 for Legend NT with 86 hrs, 100 ft. of leads for stick, a few pounds of 6013 and 6010 1/8" rod, 50ft Oxy/Ace Retractable Hose Real, Gas Torch, Oxy and Ace bottles (Service Truck size), and Regulators for the both), The AC capability was what sealed the deal for me. I knew I would be doing some aluminum work, and cant afford an A/C TIG unit. I am unemployed for a few years now, only doing side work.

                Anyway, if anyone knows of a fix, or work around, don't be shy. Taking all ideas at the moment.

                And thanks to all who have entered the discussion. I am following all leads that I have been given (which is how I came up with the esab possibility...)
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                  You got a good deal on everything. Since you did, you could probably sell the machine for what you paid for everything & buy something else if it comes along down the road.

                  I'm surprised that the sales team at Miller couldn't locate the part for you, but it could be discontinued, as was already mentioned.The sales dept will most likely handle that being it is a field install option.

                  043 679 is correct according to the field install instructions, but it consists of two different board assy's as well as a replacement face with the correct cutouts for the remote parts to install in.

                  You'll probably be around $300-450 easy in a kit like that, if you can even find one. Doubtful something else will work unless you're one savvy guy with electronics & have the patience of a saint.

                  FWIW, use what you have for now & look for a TB or comperable machine with remote function. You can pick up an HF 251 D1 box & just run it with no remote for the time being. The foot control (if you buy one) will at least allow you to turn the gas & HF on & off. The torch will always be hot tho.

                  Challenging, but not impossible. Back in the day, a great deal of TIG was done that way. I personally wouldn't dump any huge money in that machine at this point. AC TIG will me nominal performance at best with it.

                  214 577 9353 is the number for Larry Burross of Applied Equipment in Dallas, TX. Give him a call, you may get lucky.


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                    hf251. . .ask cruizer

                    Cruizer might be able to get that part or a used one. Could use a hf 251 box but you would not have control of the arc amp remotely. You would need one with alumiun anyhow.


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                      Originally posted by Tryagn5 View Post
                      Cruizer might be able to get that part or a used one. Could use a hf 251 box but you would not have control of the arc amp remotely. You would need one with alumiun anyhow.

                      Cruizer? How do I contact?
                      I do not know who Cruizer is... Or where I might find them...


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                        Cruizer is a member here, that's his forum name. He is a repair tech and posts here often. Or, call Larry Burross with the phone number Steve posted.

                        One thought, have you tried calling Miller yet to find out if the part is discontinued or not? Dial 1-800-4-A-Miller and ask for engine drive tech support.


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