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Dynasty Processes-Set Up

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  • Originally posted by H80N View Post

    I thought he was wrong... but the book says

    Single phase 230VAC... the Dyn 280 wants to see a SloBlow fuse or breaker of 60amps... normal fuse of 80amps

    See 5-6. Electrical Service Guide (Dynasty) OM-253 086 Page 24 (Page 30 of the PDF)
    It surprised me... maybe one of the Miller factory Techs could comment..??

    Hi, I'm a new guy here. Just bought a Dynasty 280 dx tig runner. As I read it, the 60/80 Amp fuse rating (230 volt single phase) is the "MAXIMUM" size fuse you would want to use. It looks like a standard 60 Amp circuit breaker would be fine as long as the wiring is the correct size. I think the "maximum" spec is saying to not go any higher or a short circuit will melt the wiring?

    At 230 Volts Single Phase the machine should only pull 52.8 Amps?
    From page 15, the 52.8 Amps would be 280 Amps when stick welding. 280 Amps Tig would be 38.6 Amp, but I don't know it that includes the cooler power? Right now I am using a standard 50-Amp breaker and a 6-50 NEMA plug with 8-awg wiring, but when I measured my voltage it was 248 VAC (not too far from the line transformer.)
    I just got the Machine and so far I have only ran it at maximum of 150-Amp Tig welding. I welded for a few hours the other day, but nothing using alot of current and never tripped the circuit breaker.
    For comparison, from the manual, the 100% duty cycle ratings of 190 amp Tig and 145 stick the input current is only around 24.5 (26.4 stick) Amps.

    FWIW, I got my Dynasty from IOC it was about $100 less than CyberWeld:
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    • So I have two Dynasty 350s, one is circa 2006 (manual is OM-216 869N) and the second one I just picked up in October (manual is OM-216 869AH). I'm welding small aerospace parts, both AC on aluminum and DC on stainless & inconel, and with some applications I like to set the starting amperage on my old machine lower than the default .094 tungsten setting.

      Now, the older Dynasty only lets me adjust Start Amperage (SA), Start Time (ST), and Polarity (POL) in the TUNG GEN advanced menu. I'm fine with that, ST and POL I generally don't have to mess with. Section 6.2 A-C in the manual covers it just fine.

      The new Dynasty lets me adjust SA, ST, POL, Start Slope Time (SST), and Preset Amperage Minimum (PMA). The manual has section 7-2 A-G, but in B when discussing the GEN function, it only gives the default settings for .094 AC and DC as a reference (but not any other other tungsten dimensions). I can't adjust any of the settings in the Tungsten defaults, so I'm stuck having to enter all parameters if I don't want the presets. There is no information about how to change SST & PMA as you increase tungsten size. My old Dynasty has these two parameters fixed in GEN?

      I talked briefly to technical support, asking if I can get the SST and PMAs for all of the defaults, and they begrudgingly gave me the .062 defaults, but said they didn't want to publish all of the default settings for fear that competitors might get the info? Like Lincoln can't buy a machine and reverse engineer that stuff?

      So looking at the new manual's DC .094 settings, SA = 60A, ST = 1ms, SST = 40ms PMA = 5A. The techs gave me for .062 settings SA = 40A, ST = 20ms, SST = 60ms, PMA = 3A. Why the huge difference in ST & SST, and the difference in PMA? Without anything to reference this off of, I'm just going in blind really.

      So if you're letting us change these two settings, can we at least get the default SST/PMA settings? I don't have time to sit around trying to adjust each setting essentially blind. It makes doing anything off of default really easy to f*** up.

      2 Dynasty 350s


      • Originally posted by cdweld View Post
        So I have two Dynasty 350s, <SNIP>

        So if you're letting us change these two settings, can we at least get the default SST/PMA settings? I don't have time to sit around trying to adjust each setting essentially blind. It makes doing anything off of default really easy to f*** up.

        1-I agree that miller should give u the data you're seeking. The other reality being that nobody's arc start is carved in stone,
        and the user can and should tailor it to his liking. The factory presets based on electrode size are simply to let anybody get an arc start.
        Miller designs and builds great TIG machines in the Dynasty line….but they don't necessarily know or care to know-how to
        setup the machine in optimum ways for the end user….[and IMHO….have repeatedly displayed a rather provincial attitude
        towards end users that just might know a little more about tweakin' settings than they do--which is normal for factory experts.]

        2-the 'Blue Lightning' start….on the later 350, for 98% of thick or thin AL, steel or SS that I deal with…is just too violent.
        I'd suspect that's what you'd like to tone down-a bit. [I suspect Miller setup the blue lighting start--to impress the **** out of newbies with just how hot and big the thing lites off. I was rather shocked and not happy with that arc start---the first time I fired my 350.]

        3-Rather than try to fiddle and fine tune all the start parameters in the gEN menu….I just crank the SA down to 30A for 3/32 electrode and 20A for 1/16".
        That gives me a nice, tickling, little start to then ramp up as I wish--more like a conventional start on older inverters or trannies.

        4-I don't do production work, per se--that would warrant a huge amount of time to spend on fiddling with the arc start. I fiddle--lots, with the arc tailoring in AC or DC for 'the doing' part.


        • Pretty much all we're doing is production work, and it is extremely frustrating. When we've messed around with the SST & PMA, it can change the start arc to where it looks & feels like the machine is broken (and apparently where Miller's techs thought it was broken too, exchanged machines back in Dec). Without a chart of the defaults, we have nothing really to base our adjustments on, and telling us that we can't have access to the default settings is like driving a car without a speedometer.
          2 Dynasty 350s