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Operators manual for Airco welder

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  • Operators manual for Airco welder

    Im looking for operators manual and wiring diagram for an Airco welder model No 3A-DDR 224 HPA/BD SN S423575. I believe it was made by Miller. ( it has parts that are similar to parts in my Dialarc HF-P and some are labeled Miler) Can anyone direct me to a source? Thanks!
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    I checked my cross reference chart and it looks like the unit you have there crosses over to a 330 A/B/SP, the S serial number would be a 1967 model. You can contact our manuals department at (920)-735-4356 to see if the manual is still available.


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      Looking for manual also

      I too am looking for some literature for an Airco welder. The model # looks to be the same (3A/DDR-224 HPA/B-D), but the Serial number looks a little different, it is 72-604573, and the stock # is 1341-0118. Does this welder also cross with the same Miller welder (330 A/B/SP)?



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        try this link and see how close this manual is

        this is for a 1975 vintage machine ,,, was unable to retrieve one that matched your serial...

        off topic: C195s are one of the prettiest birds out there... that Jacobs Radial makes a unique song that you can tell for a long distance... have not heard one in a lotta years.. (there was a polished and turquoise one in ABQ years ago... until the owner groundlooped it... too bad)

        hope this helps


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          Your machine crosses over to a Miller 330 A/BP Miller with a stock number of 901041. It was built in in the first half of 1972. You can contact our manuals department at (920)-735-4356 to see if the manual is still available.


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            Airco Literature?

            I too am looking for some literature for an Airco welder.
            The model # 2.2 ADG-AMEL-A
            and Serial number is: S435310


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              I could not find a 2.2 ADG-AMEL-A in my cross reference, could it be a 2.25?


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                I'll have to check - it's a gas powered unit - would 2.25 make sense with the rest of the numbers?

                225 Amp A.C. "Wasp"
                Weld and Power Generator
                Air Reduction
                N.Y., N.Y., USA

                The engine is:
                Onan - Division of Studebaker Corp.
                Model - CCK-MS/1196G
                Serial - 117CA04386


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                  Yes, that would make sense with the rest of the description. The 2.25 model crosses over to a Miller AEA-200 LE engine drive. The "S" serial number puts it at a 1967 model.


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                    I'm also looking for some info on an Airco welder.

                    It was advertised on a local buy an sell. This is all the info I have.

                    450 Amp Airco Mig

                    Airco RG909001.

                    Any help would be really appreciated.

                    Here's the attached picture,

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                      Most likely a three phase mig machine.
                      Pull the top and look at the voltage control. Should be three variable transformers on one shaft. check the brushes. If worn out they can be hard to get. ARC products might had a manual for that machine and some of the parts.


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                        Yes Kevin it is a 2.25 Thanks.

                        You can see photos of it here:



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                          Airco welder

                          I am trying to find imformation on an older airco welder and would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. The stock# is 0341-0260 and serial# is 72-644791.
                          What year was it made?
                          Who made it?
                          Are parts and a manual still available?

                          Thank You


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                            Are you sure about the stock number? Could it be 1341-260? If it is 1341-260 then the unit crosses over to a Miller 250 Twin and the serial number shows it was built in 1972. You should be able to get a manual for it from our literature dept. As for parts, I'm sure some are still around but it will be limited.


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                              Can you please identify/ point me in the direction of a manual?


                              I have an Airco 300 amp AC/DC Squarewave Tig/stick welder. All gauges are red digital. Whenever I weld with it in stick mode, it will start fine (seems to represent starting amps I set), but will fade into a very high amperage that will almost blow up the rod it seems. This will happen, no matter how I adjust the amperage, DCSP, DCRP, or AC (which buzzes a lot). Someone suggested this might be a "hall device" that senses what current is actually going to the electrode. Does this sound right?

                              Does anyone know of where I can at least get a manual for this old unit? Apparently, the tig function was all that was used and it worked "fine".

                              Would it matter if the one of the 220V hot legs were switched? My air compressor still runs fine in my outlet, but perhaps the previous owner wired it backwards? Does it even matter in single phase?

                              Thanks a bunch, heres all the nameplate data:

                              Code: 0933
                              Serial: MH 405055
                              Stock: 1341 0290

                              Lower on the tag is says: L&SP 5399

                              On the left side it says the manual is API-1942 and that the machine was made by the BOC Group in Murray Hill, NJ


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