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Iraqi style welding

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  • Iraqi style welding

    We took a pic of this guy[ATTACH]hsbToRgb[/ATTACH]
















    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0053.JPG
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ID:	525829 on patrol. Sadly, you see it all the time. Yes that is a propane tank and yes he lived.

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    That just goes to show how cultures are so very different. I may tack something with a mig without a hood on but never weld with a stick that way. I never wear sandals either, not for any reason let along throwing sparks.
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      I remember watching an Iraqi climb under his dump truck while changing a tire, the wheel lug nuts were removed and the truck was only supported by a bottle jack!
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        What about the propane tank! Thats the part I really didnt like.


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          Suicide weldor?

          Looks like an IED to me.
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            If that arabic graffiti wasn't there, and his beard were a little bushier, it could be any hillbilly garage in West Virginia.

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              Just me complaining about the pic size again. 800 x 600 is all that fits on a screen, bigger just makes me scroll to see all of it.
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                Oh yes a deathwish that will be granted..
                And safety is priority sad.
                Guys and Girls please dont try that at home.


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                  Reminds me of the time a guy at work had an LP tank from a fork lift that the valve was leaking on and he couldn't get it off... someone caught him with a torch on the valve trying to heat it up
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                    Wow, scarry thoughts.

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