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  • HAWK is back...

    Hey guys.

    It looks like I have missed a lot of good discussions. Hi to all to my old friends and a big welcome to all the newer members.

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    Dood!!! Welcome back. Uhmm, a lot has happened while you have been away. In fact...........uhhh...........well, I'll save it for a PM.
    Dynasty 350DX
    Dynasty 200DX TigRunner
    MM 350P
    MM Passport Plus
    Spectrum 375 Extreme
    08' Trailblazer 302


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      Hawk, ol' buddy....good to see ya back!

      '06 Trailblazer 302
      '06 12RC feeder
      Super S-32P feeder

      HH210 & DP3035 spool gun
      Esab Multimaster 260
      Esab Heliarc 252 AC/DC


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        Welcome back, Hawk.
        Maxstar 200DX
        Maxstar 300DX
        Dynasty 200DX
        Spectrum 701
        LMSW-52 spot welder


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          cool, welcome back.
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
          summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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            Welcome back! You've been missed!


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              Hawk! Welcome back. your definitive wisdom has helped me numerous times. we may have never spoken directly, but through advice and suggestions to others on this board has been invaluable. SMac


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                Hawk glad you are back. I have learned a lot your various past


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                  Yeah...What they said...
                  Good to have you back... We've missed you.
                  Professional Auto Mechanic since 1974
                  My own shop since 1981
                  Cya Frank


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                    Originally posted by HAWK View Post
                    Hey guys.

                    It looks like I have missed a lot of good discussions. Hi to all to my old friends and a big welcome to all the newer members.
           where've ya been for the last year and a 1/2???

                    Miller Dynasty 700...OH YEA BABY!!
                    MM 350P...PULSE SPRAYIN' MONSTER
                    Miller Dynasty 280 with AC independent expansion card
                    Miller Dynasty 200 DX "Blue Lightning"

                    Miller Bobcat 225 NT (what I began my present Biz with!)
                    Miller 30-A Spoolgun
                    Miller WC-115-A
                    Miller Spectrum 300
                    Miller 225 Thunderbolt (my first machine bought new 1980)
                    Miller Digital Elite Titanium 9400


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                      Thanks and...

                      Thanks for the welcome guys.

                      I took a few months (well 1 1/2 -2 years) off from the welding business. I worked in the underground utility business as a project manager and left to start my own contracting business partnership.

                      The construction industry has hit an all time low in my area (East Tennessee). Fortunately I have kept in contact with most of my welding clients and have hit a lick here and there. I sold my TB302G and picked up a higher amperage machine for heavy duty construction maintenance (MILLER of course).

                      Anyway, I am working mainly on heavy equipment and a little on underground utilities: mostly wet taps and testing services-at least until the economy picks up.


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                        Welcome back Hawk. Have you got a chance to play with the VP Dynasty yet?


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                          Hawk, glad you're back!!!!

                          Can you help a fellow out and steer him towards the best lake with cabin rentals in your area? When I was living in Harlan, KY I used to drive by the lake near Bean Station on the way to the Smokies, but don't know if that would be as good as it gets.
                          Miller 251...sold the spoolgun to DiverBill.
                          Miller DialArc 250
                          Lincoln PrecisionTig 275
                          Hypertherm 900 plasma cutter
                          Bridgeport "J" head mill...tooled up
                          Jet 14 X 40 lathe...ditto
                          South Bend 9" lathe...yeah, got the change gears too
                          Logan 7" shaper
                          Ellis 3000 band saw
                          Hossfeld bender w/shopbuilt hyd.
                          Victor Journeyman torch and gauges
                          3 Gerstner boxes of mostly Starrett tools
                          Lots of dust bunnies
                          Too small of a shop at 40 X 59.


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                            Glad to have you back, Seems like on the machine front, Miller and Lincoln have moved forward a lot, Whole new pulse setup from Miller.

                            Lincoln?Thermal have started to move the bar some too.



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                              Hello hawk glad to see ya back.
                              S-32 FEEDER W/1260 IRONMATE FC/GUN
                              HT/PWR-MAX1250 PLASMA