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    The water pump went out on my Miller Big 40. It has a Continental motor. Any ideas where I can buy a water pump. The local auto parts store found the correct water pump in their books, but have been unable to locate one. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Continental parts are common; you need to find a better parts house!


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      Not real dificult to rebuild if you can't find one


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        I agree, try a different parts store,different chain, most NAPA or chains should he able to get one overnight. I use one called Auto Value, has about 150 stores and the one in my area is a top performer (good NAPA now too) but my buds says the shelves are jammed, the stock is deep. Instead of warehousing they are loading the shelves and if they need it they can yank it from store to store. He says the amount of stock they have now is unreal.


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          I ordered a tractor clutch thru them a while back, good deal, new and half what the dealer want for a junk reman. I know they reach into another store, they knew right where to get it. NAPA has a big filter sale on now. Auto parts stores are now very good, I could live without most dealers but these guys can help with a lot of lifes problems.
          I have a Bud that is an aout mechanic in his own small garage, never has to leave for the stock, drop the stuff off in an hour. They deliver here too.


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            if the Big 40 has a Continental motor like the old Lincoln sa 200's which I thought I read somewhere that they did then you could probally get a new or rebuilt water pump from here is the link to there website for the water pump

            Don't hold me to it but it maybe worth a try giving these guys a call. goodluck



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              NAPA cant get a new one, but they can send it off and get it rebuilt. It cost about 100 bucks. Thats what it cost me when I got mine rebuilt for a big 40.

              Dont force it, use a BIGGER hammer.

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