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Project car pics!!!!!

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  • Project car pics!!!!!

    Know a lot of you have project cars..... how about sharing some pics with the rest of us?????

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    Well don't everyone post at once.

    I guess I'll lay out the one that is on the top of my list currently, I've talked about it a few times, might as well put some pictures up. I should have her running in about another month.

    Its a 1970 3/4ton Chevy Longhorn.

    To give you an idea how long this thing actually is (about an inch short of 20') That is a 17.5' trailer. It hung off the front, and back.

    I bought it from a hot rod shop I worked at for a while, for $500, w/o a motor or transmission. Dana 60 rear end, with 4.11's, all brakes, interior, etc was there, only missing power train. Fast forward 2 years.

    It is sitting in a locked storage yard, behind an ex girlfriends dads shop. (I pay rent...its safe.)

    After working at jobs that lacked either pay, hours, steady employment, or a combination, I got the job I have now at an emission testing station, about 3 miles from my house. I also get a decent paycheck. This financed the following:

    It was (at the time) a 454 of unknown history, that drove into the yard under its own power...but should be checked out...oil pressure was acting funny. I did a compression check, leak down of less than 7% on all slugs. Awesome. I can live with that. Pulled a main cap off...could have made smoother bearings with a chainsaw. The engine BUILDER knew what he was doing. The guy he sold it to, didn't prime it, and it had maybe 100 miles on it, is my guess. Still had good crosshatch in the cylinders.

    It is now, a freshly rebuilt (and as of today about 5 hours ago) 468ci mill. I have a dyno session set up, to break in the cam, as well as figure out how much power it actually makes. That should be happening on the 23rd of this month.

    I also rebuilt the transmission, and installed a TransGo re-programmer kit. Picked up a fully brazed RV converter (should be around 1400-1600 stall...which I hope will be the start of the power band) This isn't the first trans I've put together, and I think I'll be pretty happy with it. I did some adjusting, and I'll be able to hold manual low until everything else fails, if I wanted to.

    Now, pictures when my hands were clean enough to grab a camera, or in most cases, my cell phone.

    Cam install:

    Test fitting the crank, pastigage clearance time:

    Rotating assembly finished:

    Bottom end buttoned up:

    Heads ported, lapping valves:

    Heads finished, assembling valve springs:

    Valve adjusting, in progress:

    Valves adjusted:

    Checking headers and valve covers:

    Headers shaved (notice air injection bungs are now gone) Headers wrapped, dizzy stabbed, wires routed, accessories mounted:

    Finishing up shift kit on the TH400:

    Parts used:
    .060 over 454
    Factory 113cc large oval port heads (now gasket matched/ mildly ported)
    Scat cast steel 4.00" crank
    Factory connecting rods, w/ARP rod bolts
    Comp double roller timing chain
    King main and rod bearings
    New cam bearings (forgot brand)
    Melling high volume oil pump
    Factory 8qt dually oil pan
    ARP oil pump shaft
    Edelbrock #7162 cam, with hydraulic lifters
    Edelbrock intake
    Edelbrock valve springs, keepers, and retainers
    3/8" Chromoly pushrods
    Comp cams pushrod guide plates
    Crane cams full roller rockers
    Weiand water pump
    Doug Thorley tri y headers (smog equipment shaved)
    upgraded HEI distributor
    Holley 130GPH fuel pump
    MSD plug wires
    Felpro gaskets
    ARP engine fasteners
    SFI approved flexplate and harmonic balancer

    I'm going to be buying the carb from the guy I'm having dyno the engine. Currently planning on an 850 Speed Demon.

    As soon as the motor is in the truck, I have 2 major things left. 1, install the painless products wiring harness I bought. 2, install a new gas tank, and run new fuel lines.

    Should be a pretty decent truck when I get it running. I'm hoping for around 500hp, and 500ft lbs of torque. Based on the parts I have, I should be right about that. The powerband should be right around 1500-6000 area.

    I'm just happy this thing will finally be running around!


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      Hi buddy... I watch the pics ! They were great ... Good !


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        Neat Project!!!!
        I lived in the hot and dry areas for many years NM and CA..... now live in the Rust belt PA...... how easily spoiled I was by the availability of Rust free shells.... here a truck of that vintage would be swiss cheese.... there the interior would be sunburnt but factory paint would still look fresh on the underside...
        Very cool and unusual truck.... is that a 9ft Camper special bed? keep sending pics as it progresses...


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          Yep, it is a C20 Camper Special...8'6" on the bed. It has an 8 leaf spring pack, with a 1/2" thick helper spring on the rear axle. Its definitely got a bunch of support back there. It has independent front suspension, A arms and coil springs. Old school...but it works.

          I need to do a little checking, and see if I can use a newer 3/4 ton spindle with those A arms, or if the A arms are the same dimension on the new trucks. I would love to lift it about 2 or 3 inches, and put a set of 33, or 35" tires under it...but other than fabricating my own control arms, I'm probably SOL.

          There are plenty of people that said "Oh you should go short bed with that thing!"

          I bought it cuz its...well...Huge. I want to be able to haul stuff around. I wanted something that not every body had. I figured this fit the bill for both.

          Thanks for the kind words guys.


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            Drop Spindles....

            On Fire
            spindle upgrade kit w/Large Disk Brake upgrade probably work with your lift....


            Correct me if I am wrong but if my memory serves me right,,, the easiest way to lift 2wd trucks of that vintage for larger tire clearence without messing up suspension geometry was to get a set of tall urethane body & bed mounting biscuits and longer bolts... some of the kits also had linkage extenders..


            See what ya think....
            hope this helps

            BTW... this should make a unique as well as really useful project truck...
            Last edited by H80N; 08-07-2010, 10:17 PM. Reason: more addl info..


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              I bookmarked that, but I dont know that I'll end up using it. It's already a disc front end, though it only has single piston calipers. Thats a steamy price tag they have for sure. 850...without the braided stainless brake lines.

              Yeah, I could body lift it, I just really don't want to. I did find a rear disc brake conversion (that keeps it 8 lug)

              That I plan on picking up for sure. Nothing beats all wheel discs.

              I know that the rear will be easy, I can find someone to make me a set of longer leaf springs, and still keep the rear load capacity. That end is easy.

              The more I think about it, the more I think I should just build my own control arms, and set it up for rack and pinion steering. Thats still a little ways off...just like the front and rear bumpers, and winch mount.

              I appreciate the links though, you never know when that information will come in handy.
              Last edited by On fire most of the time; 08-08-2010, 12:31 AM.


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                That's going to be a fine ride when you are done! I'm with you on the long bed, IMO it does not take anything away from the truck being nice looking. Glad to hear you are going with 4 wheel discs. These are beasts to stop, even with discs up front. Drove one with a similar powerplant and 4 wheel manual drums once.


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                  On Fire
                  the front disk option must have been rare and costly in 1970... they were considered pretty exotic on cars back then......(all of the disk references I have found for that body style were for 71-73 front disk so yours is likely very late model year 70) if your truck has the 14bolt dif on the rear..... you may be able to do a bolt on wrecking yard disk conversion from a later model truck.....


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                    I checked the axle out when I was loading it up onto the trailer. It isn't a corporate 14. It is a Dana 60, (had SPICER cast into the side)

                    That link, The streetrod manufacturing company, makes the stand off for the caliper (75-84 El Dorado single piston, with or without parking brake) they sell you the 12 3/4" rotors, and all the hardware. I could put the kit together...but it would probably be around the same price. It takes 70lbs off the rear axle weight definitely worth it in my opinion.

                    The rotors they sell you are off one of the newer 2500HD chevy trucks (same bolt pattern for over 40 years) I also have a set of the aluminum wheels off those trucks. Good weight rating on them at 3200lbs per wheel.

                    This truck did have a bunch of the special features for that year. Factory bucket seats (with the flip down console in the center) Factory in dash tachometer, the disc front end, and factory AC, there may be more...but I don't remember any more off top of my head.

                    @Davinci: I cant imagine driving one of these things...or any car...with manual drums on all 4 corners...I like being able to stop, without having to dent the floor boards in. Thanks for the compliments!


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                      lug size

                      On Fire
                      you may already be aware of this but on chevy trucks w/8 lug 1970 and earlier had 1/2 inch lug bolts .... while 71 and up have 9/16..... yours having the front disks which were also only supposed to have started in 71 ...... may already have the 9/16 lugs.....
                      this makes a difference in wheel selection.... lots of wheels available for the 9/16 lug for chev, ford, dodge, int....... but very few for the 1/2........ know they made special conversion lug nuts for adapting later wheels... but for my money would just change over to the 9/16 if you have the skinnier....
                      Last edited by H80N; 08-08-2010, 05:58 PM.


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                        lately, i been installing whistler tips for all the kids in the neighborhood, i got the idea from this news story,, they go WHOO WHOO


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                          Looks like some fine, upstanding citizens in that video. Perhaps a potato up the exhaust would quiet the whistle?


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                            Had me confused.... what does that have to do with "Project Cars" ?????
                            and yep like the heck out of the potato idea..


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                              Here is some pics of mine. Its a 94 mustang that I've fully gutted and removed all weight from it that I can and has fiberglass hood and front bumper. Has full team z front suspension (not installed yet) and going with all team z for the rear aswell. Has strange struts up front and strange coilover in the rear. Picking up the 8.8 housing thursday from the chassis shop had it narrowed and braced and 9' housing ends put on. Plan is to swap a Ls1 into the car and run 10.0 index next yr then in a yr or two try and move up to 8.50 index or run some 275 drag radial.


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