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Shootout boat

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    Diggin' a foxhole in FLW soil.....!!!!!!


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      Good thing we were engineers. Learned early on how much faster a cratering charge is than a D-handle shovel.

      Heck Monty,

      Didn't realize that you were that old. Like me, guess you're a member of the "over the hill gang". That's OK though. Always been told you pick up speed on the downhill side.

      Those were some good times though. I was an impatient kid, full of pi$$ and vinegar. Was such a troublemaker they'd sorta pushed me thru school. Went to VA TECH at 16 to be an engineer. Stayed up there one summer and finished in Civil Engineering at 19. Volunteered for the draft in May of '67. Figured I'd do my two years and get on with my life. Didn't quite work out that way though. Twenty-two years and 46 foreign countries later, I retired as a Colonel in the Corps of Engineers. Spent a good deal of my time in "special ops" but never forgot the engineer roots and kept up my qualifications in both areas.


      • #18
        Yeah, I was the same way. Hated anyone telling me what to do. Not so much
        with the telling as much as the way they told you. Their job was to break us and my job was to not let them. One DI had it in for me and every time he saw me I had to drop and give him 50. What pi$$ed him off is that I always could and look at him with a big grin. He used to pick me for every $hit detail and one day I told him after basic his a$$ was mine. The last two weeks he let up and just as well. I just would have got into a bunch of trouble. Went to Ft Bliss for AIT in El Paso and was supposed to go to Korea and then they changed a bunch of us and sent us to Fairbanks Alaska on a Nike Hercules
        missile site for 18 months. I don't think I've ever been around more idiots at one time as when I was in the Army. But the Army probably kept me out of jail. Actually, there was some good times. My best friend I met at Leonard
        Wood in 1967. he' still alive and well.


        • #19
          Well Sept 19th 1977 I went to FT Dix NJ.
          I feel better now just hearing all that.


          • #20
            Just a pup man. Just a pup.

            You can only imagine what you've got to look forward to.

            Some days I roll out of bed and feel great.

            Some days I wake up and ask myself, "Did you forget to pull that rip cord?"


            • #21
              FK, beautiful boats, and thanks for the links, I'm gonna add that to my list of possible retirement locations! I've grown up in the Arizona desert and enjoyed many, many weekends on the Colorado River, but nothing like what you have there.


              • #22
                Yea we have tons of people moving here all the time.
                For what a normal home costs in many areas you can be living right on this huge lake with your own private dock.
                You would not believe some of the houses.


                • #23
                  Whats the coldest temps you get there in the winter?Mike


                  • #24
                    It gets down there at times to like zero or so but never for long. We definitley have all 4 seasons. That is one thing people go on about.
                    I am sure there is sites that you can go on and check temp averages for the whole year. The zip is 65020 in my town.
                    BTW, right now it has gotten so stupid...every Tom, **** and Harry is calling me to get me to get their boat ready so they can make it to the Shootout. Mainly pontoons with water in them.
                    They have had all season to fix the hunk of junk.
                    So many, I am only doing the ones I like. I got my helper doing some on his own also.
                    After labor day with this economy I expect it all to die rather quickly.
                    There will be some from winterizing, which has already started.


                    • #25
                      The Ozarks look like a beautiful place .Mike


                      • #26
                        I went to Ft Wainwright (Fairbanks) in June '61.
                        I made a couple of trips to some of the missile sites, while I was there.
                        I escaped (got out of) the Army in '64.


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