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Welding Aluminum with Oxy/Acetylene ??

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  • Welding Aluminum with Oxy/Acetylene ??

    Hello All,

    Iím new to all this welding and have only taken a 9 hour course on welding and learned a little bit of Gas/Mig/Tig. Even though I only got to use the Mig machine I am definitely hooked.

    Anyway so my question is can I weld T6 6061 Aluminum with Oxy/Acetylene Kit? Iím looking to buy a small portable kit since money is tight and Iíll be doing small parts anyway. Right now I have to fabricate a tab to weld to my 97í 750 frame which is cast aluminum. So here are the questions:

    1. What type of aluminum is a 97í Gsxr 750 frame?
    2. Can I use an Oxy/Acetylene to weld square and round tubing for sub frames, and aluminum sheet and tubing since Iím going to try to make my own exhaust as well?
    3. Would I be able to use these tanks to work on these projects or will I run out of gas? Iím looking to buy this small kit with 20 cubic ft. oxygen tank and 10 cubic ft. acetylene tank.

    I know it sounds like a bit much but Iím a motorcycle enthusiast and I just donít see anything on the market that I like and the bikes I do like I canít afford.

    So Iíve decided trying to make it myself.

    Thanks for any tips,


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    i'm not sure, but some alum bike frames/ trailarms are heat treated.
    makes any type of welding a bit risky.

    "they" say a lot of aviation alum is still o/a as there is less of a defined HAZ zone. (not sure if "less" was the correct word there)


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      If your new to welding (in most cases even if your "old" to welding) OAW alluminum is not an easy propostion. it takes a lot of practice and torch skills. You also need good equipment so the low buck path won't really work. In many ways OAW welding alluminum is superior to other processes, mostly because it uses flux. if you can find good flux, and you have the skills you will get a nice clean dense weld, but its not easy. To start with read all you can on this site . Then go over to and rent some videos of Kent Whites (you will need caffeine and patience) .


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        As mentioned, yes its entirely capable. With a good teacher it wouldnt take long at all to learn. Without......quite a bit longer. I taught an 11 year old girl to weld steel in 45 minutes, and aluminum in an hour and a half. Older people are the worst to teach, too many bad habbits and too stubborn


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          Originally posted by ricracer16 View Post

          3. Would I be able to use these tanks to work on these projects or will I run out of gas? Iím looking to buy this small kit with 20 cubic ft. oxygen tank and 10 cubic ft. acetylene tank.

          This is the real kicker even if ya do learn how to do it.


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            Of course you can, OF aluminum welding has been done for 100 years....Tig about 50, and commonly for about 35. Torch welding is like cooking over a camp fire, tig is like using a microwave. Both do the job, but one has a lot more skill involved, and smarts. Its not hard to learn with a good teacher, Ive hade grade school kids doing butt welds on .040 material with about an hour of instruction. Learing on your own takes a bit longer.


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              Aerometalworker, I notice that you own a Dynasty.

              Please explain what you feel the pros and cons are about each method.

              Please give examples of what you would weld one thing with but not another.

              Thanks Portable Welder.


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                Don't know about welding on a bike frame, but you might want to check out the Dillon torch @

                Good luck


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                  Yep I actually have 2 dynastys, great machines!

                  Pros of OF over Tig:
                  -Better consistent penetration on sheet
                  -Faster on sheet
                  -Weld density is higher
                  -Ability to work on oiled cruddy metal without porosity problems
                  -Ability to work out crud in castings
                  -Flatter weld for sheet work
                  -No "halo" around the weld if it gets polished and anodized
                  -No pinholes...ever
                  -Ability to weld, heat, work, all at the same time without changing tools ( guys that do aluminum sheet work know what thats like )
                  -Not affected by wind
                  -I can braze and solder with the same tool on aluminum as well

                  Pros of Tig over OF:
                  -No flux to clean up after
                  -Easier to "build up" material i.e. building up a broken off boss on a casting
                  -Can do some joints that are not recommended with OF i.e. unsealed laps

                  Examples of what I weld with the OF system:
                  -Fuel and oil tanks
                  -Sheet body work
                  -Intake Manifolds (sheet)
                  -Some tubing clusters ( yes aluminum )
                  -Old oil coolers, radiators
                  -Cruddy castings
                  -Anyplace in the wind!
                  -Anything anodized after

                  Examples of what I weld with the Tig:
                  -Clean castings
                  -material over .125" thick
                  -Build-ups on castings
                  -Parts that will trap flux residue or cant be cleaned
                  -Castings where access is limited ( ports in heads )
                  -Some tubing clusters

                  Now all this is pertaining to aluminum in specific.



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                    Sorry for my ignorance maybe i missed something what is "OF" thanks.


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                      Originally posted by strictlycarved View Post
                      Sorry for my ignorance maybe i missed something what is "OF" thanks.


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                        thanks now i feel stupid. guess my heads not working right this morning. anyway thanks.


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                          Hi guys!Aluminum brazing the best for AC repair. Oxy/Acetylen,Oxy/Propan


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                            welding aluminum with gas requires special goggles.... and since they no longer make "Burtweld" gogles... you might consider looking into the tinman ones.... also here is a link to a pretty good article..
                            hope this helps



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                              Thanks for the reply Aerometalworker.


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